goodnight baby

Monday, 1 September 2014

“when i have said my evening prayer, 
and my clothes are folded on my chair, 
mama and papa switch off the light, 
i'll still be 11 months old tonight. 

 but from the very break of day, 
before the children rise and play, 
before the darkness turns to gold, 
tomorrow i'll be one years old… 
one kiss when i wake, 
one candle on my cake. 

 a goodnight kiss for the eleven month old 
to send her to sleep and to dreaming. 
and blessings to the one year old 
who'll be carried from bed in the morning.” 

I've seen this poem pop up on some of my favourite blogs and I really love the sentiment. I thought I'd borrow it, record it here as we turn the page on our beautiful Marguerite's first chapter.

One. It really is such an emotional milestone. I feel sadness as this first year comes to an end; as I kiss our baby goodnight. But I'm also eager to delve into a fresh page. As we welcome Spring, we welcome the next chapter of her story.

 Goodnight little Maweetie. You are so very loved.

* Poem found on The Littlest and DASJ (from The Birthday Book)


  1. I can hardly believe she is already one. What a beautiful open to mark a happy day. Lots of love xx

    1. Poem, not open. Darn autocorrect! X

  2. oh boy, that first year just goes too fast. I was so emotional with all of my babies as that first year came to an end, but excited as we began the next phase. Happy birthday to your sweet, sweet Marguerite x

  3. Aahhhh gorgeous Claire, gave me a little lump in my throat. Such a special birthday that first one, it really is as much a celebration for mum and dad as it is for bubs...getting through that first year is no mean feat. Well done Mama! Beautiful photos of your lovely gal :) xo

  4. Happy birthday lovely Marguerite. x

  5. Don't you adore that poem? I can't get through it without sobbing as I say it to my girls. It's such a wonderful new tradition! What an incredibly fast year, mama... sending birthday blessings! XO!

  6. Beautiful photos and lovely poem. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

  7. How beautiful are your photos!!! Love them all! Contrats


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