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Thursday, 22 May 2014

Helloooo! While the crickets have been chirping around these parts, I've been busy, busy, busy in the background working on a very special project (more on that later!). I haven't had any time to write anything new for this space but I thought I'd pop in with a post I drafted up a couple of months back (it's particularly fitting to the project I'm working on, hint hint).

I often get comments and emails about the girls' clothes, so I thought I'd share with you the main factors I consider when adding to their wardrobe. I hope you find these little tips useful when shopping for your little ones.

1. Before buying on a whim, stop and consider whether it will work with what you already have. Remember, kids grow out of clothing quickly, so look for pieces that can be worn on fairly high rotation, in a variety of outfit combinations.

2. Invest in voluminous shapes - they'll last so much longer. Loose fitting smock dresses can last a few years - evolving into tunics and billowy tops as your child grows taller!

3. If you can afford it, try to invest in one pair of good quality shoes per season. It can be hard parting with cash for kids shoes when you know they'll grow out of them quickly... but I honestly believe money is sometimes better spent on quality, not quantity. Each season, I invest in one pair of beautiful and practical leather shoes - always in a neutral "go with everything" colour. She will literally wear the shoes every day, and I sleep soundly at night knowing her feet are being properly supported as she grows. The added bonus is that quality leather shoes make good keepsakes - imagine how lovely they'll be when they're pulled out of the time capsule 20 years later!

4. Buy bold colours and prints in moderation (unless of course this is your signature style!). Personally, I find that sticking to a fairly neutral palette and adding hints of colour and print with a few select items and accessories results in a more cohesive collection that can be interchanged and mixed and matched to create more unique looks.

5. Buy a size too big. Remember, they really will "grow into it", and in the meantime, roll cuffs and cinch waistbands!

6. Layer! This piece of advice is for Australians (or anyone living in warmer climates) in particular... don't spend too much money on bulky, heavy, expensive winter pieces. Instead, invest in trans-seasonal basics that can be adapted for different climates. Layering with vests, cardigans and tights creates a really cute look in cooler months and you'll get longevity of those lighter pieces which can be carried through from the warmer months.

7. Consider unisex pieces (particularly practical advice if you're planning on having another child). Little girls can look really cute in tomboyish looks (think denim overalls or desert boots!). Similarly, little boys can get away with 'softer' pieces such as leggings, bloomers and sandals.

8. Hit the op-shops! I love a bit of vintage and pre-loved clothing; they add oodles of nostalgic charm and cost a mere pittance. Win win!

Do you have any tips you'd like to add? I'd love to hear what's important to you when you're shopping for your kids.

sweet marguerite

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Oh my darling girl, where do I start? You've got me hook, line and sinker! I can't believe I get to spend the rest of my days being your Mum... what an absolute honour. Outside you're all peaches and cream skin, ocean-blue eyes and soft, vanilla hair. Inside you're relaxed, affectionate and connected. You are an extremely engaging little soul and I feel so deeply connected to you... I've felt a very spiritual bond from the moment you were placed on my chest and gazed into my eyes. Your mannerisms are dainty and delicate. You are relaxed and thoughtful. You're in no hurry and I love that about you... you slow me down and engage me, forcing me to become present in the moment.

The joy you have brought into our lives is indescribable. Your sister utterly adores you and nothing makes me happier than watching the love between you blossom. You have a special smile just for Daddy... and, just between us, I think it's safe to say you've got him wrapped securely around your little finger.

You've been with us only eight short months, yet I feel as though you couldn't possibly be more loved. You've stolen our hearts...

...our sweet, sweet Marguerite.

Tasmania in pictures | Port Arthur

Sunday, 4 May 2014

I was a bit reluctant to visit Port Arthur, given the dark history surrounding the area. Paddy is a bit of a history buff and desperately wanted to go, so I finally obliged. I'm glad I did... it really is a spectacular part of the world; a place that seems to be bathed in beauty and steeped in darkness in equal measure. It is wild, rugged and eerily beautiful. It's also a place that makes you stop and think... about our country, our people... about life in general. As we drove away I found myself re-evaluating a few things and, ultimately, feeling very grateful.

We wound down with a visit to Dunalley Fish Markets. After reading this post at Hugo and Elsa, it quickly became a must-do! It was every bit as delicious as she described... definitey worth a trip!


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