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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

I recently made the decision to create a shared bedroom for the girls. I love the idea of sisters sharing a sleep space while they're little, and it frees up a room in our house that can be utilised as a shared office / play area. This way, the clutter of toys can be kept out of their bedroom, leaving a calm little retreat filled with books, soft toys, floor cushions and beautiful textiles.

When imagining how the room would look and feel, I knew I wanted to incorporate natural linen bedding. Not only is linen beautiful, it's also extremely practical for kids; getting better with everyday wash and wear (and the more crumpled and 'lived-in' it looks, the better)!

Hello Milky linens are designed and made by hand in Melbourne, Australia. Using eco friendly inks, Jess handprints and/or dyes each individual piece, making every item truly one of a kind. Jess was lovely enough to send me some of her beautiful linens for the girls' new room. I just love that they coordinate without being too "matchy". I chose a toddler doona cover in pink spots for Marguerite and commissioned Jess to make a colourwash single doona cover for Lalie.

When they arrived I literally gasped out loud at the most perfect shade of muted pink! I cannot wait to complete the room and give you the full tour!

Hello Milky is offering one claire day readers 10% off on all orders - just use the code: oneclaireday. 

...but don't delay in pacing an order - The Hello Milky store will be temporarily closing on Friday while Jess is on maternity leave, so she won't be taking orders for a good few months!

It also must be noted that single doona covers are temporarily unavailable, but plenty of toddler/cot sized designs are available plus a variety of sheets, cushions and accessories.

Colourwash doona cover in musk (only toddler size available at this stage)
Linen / cotton toddler donona cover in pink spot
Twinkle star cushion cover in dusty pink
Petite circle cushion in dusty pink/chambray

All items C/O Hello Milky.


  1. These images are simply adorable! Love your styling and ideaology regarding the rooms in your home x

  2. Looooove hello milky... and that gorgeous color wash!

  3. Love your idea of having a shared bedroom for the girls. I have such fond memories of the time when my sister and I shared a room when we were growing up. We had so much fun :)

  4. what lucky little girls! i bet their room is amazing x

  5. Love love love! And love the shared room idea! How is the room looking now?


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