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Friday, 21 February 2014

You wouldn't believe the humidity here. Stepping outside is like being wrapped in a hot, wet blanket.

So between the ghastly weather and post-holiday blues, I've been feeling largely uninspired. I think I've spent far too long looking at my own photography this week (editing professional work is all consuming) and subsequently became hypercritical of my creative capabilities . I was feeling frustrated.

But then a friend sent a link to a little movie which provided some much needed encouragement. So today I'm turning my mood around.

I think I'll go and visit Mum. I'll stop and byfrappĂ© on the way. I'll take some photos. Take the girls for a swim. Perhaps stop and buy flowers on the way home.

What are your Friday plans? How are you feeling this week?


  1. I don't like that muggy heat at all, it's been a bit like that here and I confess yesterday I had enough so on went the air con. The week for me has been ummm interesting and emotional, I know things will get better in time as for Friday boring boring housework. I just love that video thank you it was just what I needed:) Enjoy your Friday visiting you Mum and spending time with your little girls. xx

  2. I hate that feeling, that was me the last couple of weeks. Wish I could send some cool air to you up North. We've gone from summer to almost winter the last couple of days, have been considering putting the heater on! Fridays with Mum's are the best. x

  3. yep, having that kind of day today too. Uninspired, tired, apathetic... mums and flowers are a great idea, I think! Happy weekend! xx

  4. Just sent that video to a friend. Very relevant right now.

    Weekend is being spent with family and friends (as it should be) and I hope that you can find some more joy this weekend. Relax, breathe and then take a step forward

  5. The humidity in Brisbane has been overwhelming also and as such we have been spending the heat of the days indoors in the cool of the aircon. Our Friday is off to a great start, exercise in the park, groceries, lunch and then the husband and I are off on a date this evening (yay!)

    Flowers and mum always lift my mood. Hope you have a nice weekend. x

  6. What a special little clip!! Thanks so much for sharing. Off to close the gap now!!!

  7. Yep, it's a good one - never gets old, no matter how many times you watch it. Claire, your work is incredible. I know we never see ourselves the way others see us, and every now and then it would be so wonderful to see ourselves through those eyes. It's always good to step away and regroup. I feel as though I am doing something similar at the moment x

  8. We had the most awful heatwave last week so I know how you're feeling. You shouldn't be so hard on yourself about your work. Easier said than done - we are all out own worst critics! Have a good weekend! x

  9. Such a good video...needed that reminder today. Your photography is gorgeous and inspiring so please don't ever give up on the beauty of your creative work :]

  10. good for you! lovely plans for your friday, I hope it was wonderful x

  11. Ah, yes. I so know what you mean about the weather. I had been finding it so hard to get out and make the most of the best pockets of the day but this week we have slowly been getting there - catching the breeze at the beach in the late afternoon, a twilight picnic withsome delicious cheese and pear, air conditioned drives for fresh juice and coffee. It sure makes a difference to my head space! Hope your day turned out to be quite lovely! Melania x
    P.S. You take the most beautiful photos, I can only hope to capture things so well.

  12. Loved this! Thanks for sharing.

    This week it's felt like autumn is on its way around here. Hope the humidity has eased off for you now.

    rachel xo


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