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Friday, 6 December 2013

Nelson Mandela... what an inspiring human being.
Fridays have lost that 'friday' feeling since Paddy started working every Saturday.
I just splurged on this dress - an early christmas/birthday gift to myself.
I hope the whole waking-every-hour thing is just a temporary phase. Three month growth spurt?
It's going to be a very warm Christmas. I think an inflatable pool could be a worthwhile investment.
Is Lalie really 3 next month?! Am I really 31?!!
I'm going to make these tomorrow.
Is she a Maggie or a Daisy? Peggy? Or just Marguerite... hmmm.
Enjoy the weekend!
Tired... early bed tonight.


  1. That dress is beautiful! I hope you get a good nights sleep tonight, fingers crossed for you..and me too x

  2. Paddle pool is totally worth it, at three times the price...they are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! Hope you get some sleep soon pretty lady xxx

  3. If I had a girl she was going to be Margaret and was going to be called Gret...not that that really helps you!
    That dress is lovely and those brownies sound amazing.
    Have a good weekend!

  4. Oh gorgeous dress and that brownie recipe is looks amazing! I must try it this weekend. Hope you get some sleep lovely.
    Sophie x

  5. Delicious dress!! And yay to brownies. Hope your little one discovers sleep is wonderful very soon. Hope your weekend is lovely xx

  6. I started reading your blog about a month ago. My daughter is also three months old - it is funny because her name is Margaret, and her middle name is Rose! We call her Maggie. :)

  7. What about Margie, or Greta?

  8. daisy is still tops on my girls name list. i dream of a daisy to complete our pack! love this idea. quick and delicious post [especially with a linen dress}. xx

  9. Ha! The pacey-intricate thought process of a creative Mum! Thanks for posting this blurb. Respect x

  10. Sorry you're getting so little sleep! I always think about the nicknames my children will have (they're not anywhere near even conceived yet, but I can't help myself), though I figure we just fall in to our nicknames. If it goes anything like it did in my family, the elder sibling names the younger, and that's the nickname you get stuck with!
    My younger brother is 18 months younger than me - his name is Douglas but I couldn't pronounce it when he was born - I could only say Gus. 20 years later and he has always been Gus, even at school and work. So who knows!


  11. Ugh, those phases when they wake every hour is a KILLER! Hope you get some rest soon, and I think 'Peggy' is just beautiful!

  12. I've always wondered how the "Peggy" thing originated! My aunt is a Margaret, and she is Aunt Peggy. ??? I love it, though!!!!!


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