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Saturday, 21 December 2013

Firstly, please excuse the sneaky repost of photos from the last two christmases. The full posts can be found here and here.

I'm a bit sad about the fact that I haven't been able to muster the creative energy to do something crafty and fun for Christmas this year. There is currently zero festive styling going on in our home. I had resigned myself to the fact that we'd be unwrapping presents around an (undecorated) artificial tree and all... until Paddy managed to score a rather fabulous real tree at the last minute (thank goodness!).

I had really better pull my finger out though, because in some stroke of lunacy we decided it would be a good idea to host Christmas at our place this year. Heaven help us.

Despite the fact that I have been suffering minor anxiety attacks every few minutes, I truly am looking forward to it. Truly, I am! We haven't had Christmas at ours before and it will be such a memorable one having everyone* here on Marguerite's first Christmas.

Where are you spending Christmas this year? Any tips for a hostess without the mostess?

* Except for a few soecial people including my darling sister who I miss more than ever (hi steph!)


  1. this post made me smile; I've decided the same: having christmas at our place. and now my knees are feeling a bit weak. heaven help us, is the best to put it. it'll be all fine, I know, but still... have the most wonderful holidays! greetings from berlin.

  2. I have had a terrible cold so I too have just not been in a celebratory Christmas mood but I carry on for my friends and family hoping the Christmas spirit settles in quickly. Why is it I often feel more excited for Christmas in November than December?! Oh well today is baking day! Cookies make everything better!!

    I am not a hostess with the mostess either and we are not hosting the festivities so my best advice: keep breathing, relax, keep it simple and smile. It will be beautiful as it is time spent together not how creative you are, not how the food tastes but the feeling of welcome your guests receive.....and the most important part of the day to remember a Savior born to us this day! Merry Christmas!


  3. Oh, look at baby Lalie! So cute, with those rolls on her legs :) And last year you outdid yourself Claire, styling straight from the pages of a magazine. I have no doubt that, no matter how minimal or simple your decorations, your home will be bursting with magic this Christmas. Have a beautiful time with your boy and your beautiful girls. I hope 2014 brings love and happiness xxx

  4. Keep it simple lovely lady! Beautiful bread, seasonal fruit, some gorgeous meats from the deli... or prawns, a big bowl of leaves dressed with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. And maybe a pav with mango! Christmas time is hot and picking at lovely morsels is always a treat. You will do a stellar job and go easy on yourself. Enjoy your beautiful little people and your loved ones and enjoy this most special of times. Much love :) xx

  5. When I saw this, I first thought, "Woah! Marguerite can stand already!?". Then I realized...oh! :) They're both so precious.

  6. You're hosting Christmas! You crazy, insane lady! (Actually, I can't imagine anyone who would make it more beautiful than you.) I hope it's filled with tons of love and delicious food and all other things wonderful. Merry Christmas. Kellie xx

  7. Happy Christmas Claire, from one crazy lady to another (we too are hosting our first Christmas at our place this year...eek!) The best advice... keep it simple (that's what I'm telling myself anyway!) xx

  8. I remember the year our youngest daughter was born and we decided to host Christmas lunch when she was only a few months old... I was disappointed that all my Christmas plans for a beautifully decorated home and table didn't happen and that things were kept very simple, but in the end, all that matters was that we were together with our loved ones... all the rest is just 'extra' :)


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