Sunday, 29 December 2013

Eulalie: The little ones sat like tiny grown-ups around a small table decorated with crochet and dried eucalyptus. They popped their own little bon-bons containing miniature sized obligatory paper crowns. I think they kinda loved it.

Marguerite: It is my firm belief that babies are at their most delicious post-bath; cocooned in a fluffy towel with tiny droplets embellishing their face.

I hope you've had a happy and restful few days. I can't quite believe that the year is almost over! Time just evaporates, doesn't it?

View all my 52 posts for 2013. I look forward to participating in the 52 project wholeheartedly in 2014.

Wishing you happiness and health as we enter a brand new year. xx

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  1. The crackers are always such a hit I wonder why we bother with presents! I love the angle and colours of the first photo and o - freshly bathed, big-eyed baby… heart-melt.

  2. Beautiful pictures...
    Now my baby is two I am missing the early months...so cute.

    Have a happy new year, with a lot of photos! :)


  3. i happen to side with you on the post bath baby love. my most favourite moments are towel wrapped and glistening. x

  4. I've so much enjoyed this project, one great benefit has been spending time getting to know new blogs...like yours! Best wishes for the new year, and I'm looking forward to following along in 2014.

  5. love, love! so sweet. xo

  6. Perfection! Just adore those big post bath eyes. So precious.
    Sophie x

  7. Those eyes are so beautiful x


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