Sunday, 15 December 2013

Eulalie: the wind in her hair and the world at her feet.

Marguerite: still a little unsure of this big black thing I keep shoving in her face.

Jodi and I were chatting last week and I suggested she invite 52 Project participants to share 'the ones that got away'. Each week I find it so difficult to chose only one, and there are so many other portraits I'd like to share here. As it so happened, Jodi loved the idea and will be sharing hers on Wednesday with a link up. Will you be joining in too?

Linking up with Jodi.


  1. Your weekly portraits get more and more beautiful each week Claire. I love how carefree Eulalie is in her portrait and little M's face makes me broody despite the fact I'm heavily pregnant! Have you ever taken a photography course or are you self taught? I am longing to better my photography now our son is much harder to capture being always on the move. x

    1. Thanks Polly! I am self taught but am looking to enroll in a course next year to improve on my technical skills. My best advice is to just keep taking thousands of photos, take your camera everywhere... shoot only on manual and be prepared to take a lot of bad photos to get a good one :) Also... investing in the best quality gear you can afford really does help... especially lenses. x

  2. Lalie's portrait reminds me so much of Poet's 29/52 this year (sea air whipping her hair). Can't wait to see your 'ones that got away' x

  3. Oh wow. I love Marguerite's intense gaze. She is really coming into her own and looking like her own person. I look forward to your captures every week Claire- thank you for continuing to share your magic.

  4. Now that is perfection right there. So so beautiful!!! x

  5. Eulalie portrait brings up feeling of freedom, summer, and being full of energy

  6. The world at her feet indeed. Beautiful captures as usual Claire. Love your idea of 'the ones that got away' I will join in for sure. x

  7. Are you going to do a photo book with all your weekly photos? It would be great to have them altogether in one place. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  8. It will be too hard to choose one that got away! So many pics,so few people to bore!!! But I love looking through my Lightroom lists,seeing all those lovely faces looking back at me. x

  9. That summer photo of the kids holding hands is stunning. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  10. Oh they are JUST so beautiful Claire, two girls- it's just wonderful. Hope you're keeping well and not feeling too grouchy, the sleep deprivation os a killer huh!

    xo em


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