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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Oh, just a little midweek baby spam. Obviously I had a hard time choosing last weeks portrait.

Our little Marguerite Daisy... 11 weeks.

P.S - Thanks for sharing your stories on my last post... I really enjoyed reading about your experiences. Such a nice reminder that we are never alone in our struggles.


  1. Such a chic little babe this one x

  2. Oh, she is precious! She has the most beautiful full of expression.

    It was interesting reading the comments on your last post...I never did breastfeed my two babies, I never had the desire and I always have felt there was something missing by not doing it. But I always enjoyed the late night feedings...they were a special time with just me and them.

    Your blog is a lovely place...I love the changes you've made. :)

  3. Killing me with CUTE! That crooked grin!

  4. She is you all over! What a beautiful little soul she is. Drink her in xxx

  5. You've most definitely got a look in!!

  6. Oh, hello Marguerite, what a beautiful smile you have. (:

  7. a little copy of you :)

  8. P.S. I really enjoy the honesty and simplicity of your posts and further appreciate the integrity of your new-loook blog (sans a fancy header and sponsors). Cheers to the slow-blogging movement too. I have to say I miss the fun you dreamt up with your monthly portraits of Eulalie. Looking back now amongst the popularity of a "weekly", it really was a lovely pace you set x

  9. Love me a little mid-week baby spam!! x

  10. she is just too cute. what a beautiful smile!

  11. Can't beat the baby spam xx

    ps. I'm sure you've answered this somewhere Claire - but I wondered what lens you use? I'm looking to buy a new one (I use a 1.8 50mm lens but feel it's a bit too close up sometimes!) Thank you sweet lady x

    1. Hey Nell! I use a 50mm 1.4 lens but when I shoot weddings I usually hire a 35mm 1.4. Do you use a full frame camera? If your camera isn't full frame, your 50mm is more like an 80mm portrait lens and therefore a tight focal range. When I used to use my 50mm lens on the canon 60d I always felt it was too tight. I prefer the full 50mm range on the 5d. If you want wider focal range, you can get a 35mm or 40mm lens for a non full frame sensor or just keep your 50mm lens and upgrade the body to full frame. The lens option being the most affordable. I hope I havent confused you! xx


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