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Friday, 1 November 2013

This week has been the most challenging since Marguerite's birth. Eulalie came down with virus last weekend which progressively worsened through the week. She's on the mend now, but I've never seen her as sick as she has been these past couple of days. My only concern now is that little Marguerite has picked up her cough, but so far seems in pretty good spirits.

We've been house bound all week and although I've wanted to be close to comfort my daughters, I've also really craved some personal space for the first time since becoming a mother of two. Paddy has been working 12 hour days. It's taken me two months to feel overwhelmed, but this is where I'm at. The blissful newborn bubble has burst and all around me I see mess, unpaid bills and the accumulation of to-do's that have been neglected for weeks on end.

If it wasn't for my Mum visiting to hold the baby and do the dishes, I think I might have had a mini meltdown. Wait, maybe this post is a mini meltdown?!

Anyway... it's Friday. Paddy just got home. Things are surely looking up!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

* The top picture is from a few weeks ago... I want to relive the cheer of that roadside wattle.


  1. oh i hear you! clementine's not sleeping and my husband's away for work. it's a tiring gig this mamahood thing. wishing you rest, alone time and a good night's sleep xx

  2. Oh you poor thing. I remember the bubble bursting....Poet was about 11weeks old and yes, all of a sudden everything was just too much. Be gentle on yourself.

    As for Lalie, if she's still coughing rub eucalyptus cream on her feet at night and place half an onion on her bedside table (a little bit witchy but I find it works).

    Much love x

  3. Oh Claire, I hear you. I was having a not-so-mini meltdown this morning myself...
    Ronnie xo

  4. Oh Claire, that's so tough. I hope your babies are feeling better. I know what you mean about stealing some alone time right now. With freelancing and looking after Josephine, the time I had to myself before (an hour in the evening, some time at the weekend) is now filled with work. I'm craving some time to just sit and be. Thankfully only two weeks left. I hope you have some quality alone time to look forward to soon too lovely one xx

  5. How well I am acquainted with cabin fever. I remember having 3 wee bairns and some days I just didn't have the strength to step out with the double pram and the baby sling... so we stayed in, and regretted it. Add a sick Eualie on top of it and SUCKY it was I'll bet. Hope she's all better. Have a blissful weekend if you can. x

  6. Oh look at her there, poor darling. I hear you, everything has to take a backseat with sickies, thank goodness for your mum being able to hold baby, I've been wishing for my mum to be here this week just to be able to do the same and give me two free hands. There's a pile of unopened mail rapidly growing on our bench that no doubt is full of bills needing to be paid! I hope your babies are better very quick and that you manage a bit if time outside of the house this weekend x

  7. oh, i wish she's getting well soon. that's tough. hope you're holding up good there

  8. Oh poor thing...I hope she is feeling better soon...and that Marguerite doesn't get sick as well.
    As for personal space, I think that is mini melt down territory for mothers everywhere. It is so hard not to be able to take a moment when you need it...I hope you have a restful weekend and are able to steal a minute or two just for you.

  9. Thankfully my 10 week old (Margaret!) is the easiest of my babies (older two now 8 and 5). I fear it is my expectations of the two older ones that is getting the better of me. And yes, looking around at the mess around me is driving me to despair! Empathy is a good thing! :)

  10. Sending you a hug from across the ocean, Claire. Like all other mothers out there I completely sympathise. Mothering is the best job, isn't it, but, oh my, sometimes it just gets unbelievably tough...and then it suddenly gets beautifully easy again :-)


  11. My mother used to say, "Once you have two, you may as well go on and have four!", to say that the work load from one to two is the most challenging shift for growing families. This is a hard time - people have stopped helping out in little ways, the bliss is lessening, dad is back to his normal routine, older sibling is going through adjustments, there's no sleep, and life and home still need tending (not much left over for mom) - it can break the best of us. I am wishing you the space and time to just feel it and the heart to be gentle with yourself (so hard when we're tired and stressed). Love to you, Claire!

    1. Thanks so much kristen, wise and comforting words x

  12. Some days are so tough... Some weeks are so tough! But there are always brighter days ahead. The mess will be cleared in rush. xx

  13. I've just been reading through your last few pages of blog posts and I've absolutely fallen in love with your site. I'm so pleased I stumbled across your blog at this stage in your life too, because two beautiful daughters is the stuff I dream about!
    I'm sorry things are a bit tough at the moment - I don't have children of my own but I've just moved to a new city, away from my family and started my first proper job, so I can empathise with the drowning under unpaid bills/responsibility and wanting nothing more than a walk on your own. For a long time it felt as though my lungs wouldn't quite fill up with air as they ought to!

    I'm really looking forward to reading more. I hope you girls get well soon :( :(! love and best wishes to all of you.


  14. I hope everyone will be fine and healthy for a long time from now on!

  15. Oh no! Hope Paddy saved the day - and the weekend. Kellie xx

  16. My gosh, you have done so well!! You are doing a great job - and I'm pretty sure you are allowed a few meltdowns as a mama. x


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