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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

1. Finished hers and on to mine
2. Happy succulent
3. There's a tiny mention of me in the current papier mache magazine
4. Marguerite found her feet

It's been a while since I shared some snippets. Paddy likes to call these kind of posts 'vintage' because they remind him of when I first started out blogging. I kinda miss those days.

I have lots of good ideas for this blog swimming around in my head, but finding the time to structure those thoughts into coherent posts is proving to be quite a challenge. Every day I promise myself I'll spend a couple of hours on it after the girls are in bed... and then proceed to fall asleep next to Lalie as I sing her (us) off to sleep.

Yesterday was a very productive day on most other fronts. I managed to finish editing a wedding (today I'll start on another one), wash and fold laundry... I even took a few photos. I spent the rest of the day smooching and playing with my tiny girl while Lalie was off at kindy. I fell asleep feeling accomplished.

Now it's 7am the next day and the girls are both sleeping in our room. I'm just about to hit publish. I feel like today might just be another small win, too.


Sunday, 24 November 2013

Eulalie: My big girl is handling this huge adjustment period so well... but I know that she misses me. Sometimes it feels like there might not ever be enough 'me' to go around - for Paddy, the girls...and myself.

Marguerite: Window gazing in the early evening as the rain pitter-pattered down on the tin roof above.

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flowers (and facebook) on friday

Friday, 22 November 2013

Happy weekend! And Happy Birthday to my smart, gorgeous, loveable sister who will be celebrating in London today (miss you Aunty Steph!).

Also... I'll be hanging out a little on facebook from now on. Feel free to go ahead and like me, if you like :)

two faces

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Oh, just a little midweek baby spam. Obviously I had a hard time choosing last weeks portrait.

Our little Marguerite Daisy... 11 weeks.

P.S - Thanks for sharing your stories on my last post... I really enjoyed reading about your experiences. Such a nice reminder that we are never alone in our struggles.

too much of a good thing

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Well... after several bouts of mastitis, worrying periods of breast refusal, a gassy unsettled baby and issues with oversupply... I think I might have finally tamed my overenthusiastic let-down to a point where we can actually begin to enjoy this breastfeeding journey.

Whoever said breastfeeding second time around was easier obviously had a very different experience to me. It's not much fun when your let-down lets you down*.

Have you experienced issues with breastfeeding? It really can be tricky business!

* Does sleep deprivation turn you into a comedic genius too? ;)

* Photo by Tim Coulson


Sunday, 17 November 2013

Eulalie: She fell asleep in the car at 4pm so I carried her upstairs and laid her on our bed. A couple of hours later I went in to check on her and this is how I found her; that angelic little face illuminated as the last light slipped through from behind the curtain. She didn't wake until 8am the next day.

Marguerite: As the weeks go on, I'm seeing less of Lalie. I can see her own unique features becoming more defined. I think I might have even got a look in this time!

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Sunday, 10 November 2013

Eulalie: Feeling much better, with a killer laugh to prove it.

Marguerite: The day after this photo was taken, sweet baby girl came down really ill. It's been a rough couple of weeks (not that you'd believe it looking at these shining faces!) but I'm hoping this one will be brighter.

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Thursday, 7 November 2013

Soft boiled egg and soldiers - always a favourite in our house / Organising the pantry / Breakfast of natural yoghurt with mango, banana, honey and chia seed

This past fortnight, as I've tried to comfort and nurture my sick littles back to health, I've been thinking a lot about our diet. On the whole, the food we eat isn't bad, but it could be much better. Eulalie eats a good variety of foods for her age but in the last few months I've started to see good habits slipping. As I find myself suddenly preoccupied with tending to the needs of a newborn, I have less time and patience to maintain the good eating habbits of my toddler. In short, I've been giving in. At the shops, I'm giving in to requests for freddo frogs and biscuits in order to avoid tantrums. At home, I've been plonking her in front of the T.V with a shameful snack in order to buy some time with the baby. 

I've struggled my whole life with emotional eating, fluctuating weight and a sugar addiction. In the final trimester of my pregnancy with Marguerite, I couldn't control my sweet tooth, and I was buying chocolate regularly, letting Lalie have some just so I could satisfy my own cravings. I was also starting to use it as a form of bribery. What a bad example I was setting! As a result, I've noticed a real change in Lalie - she's less inclined to follow instruction (or eat healthy prepared meals) unless there is the promise of some sugary reward. She's even asked for chocolate for breakfast! As you can imagine, I really don't like where this is all going.

The other day I was standing in the kitchen watching my daughter have a meltdown at my feet because she couldn't have salt and vinegar crisps for breakfast. I decided then and there that things had to change. I had to stop giving in and bringing this rubbish into the house - I had to face the public meltdowns and stand my ground. And I had to deal with my own eating issues before I passed them on to my daughter(s).

I'm not about to go on any drastic diet or radically reform the foundations of our diet (as I do believe that our current core diet is really quite nutritious; I simply want to make small, realistic changes). I'm just getting back to basics and cutting out the small amount of processed, sugary snacks that seem to have snuck their way into our trolley into the pantry. The stuff that transforms my sweet little girl into a tyrant. The stuff that makes me feel lethargic and unmotivated. I'm still going to allow Lalie to eat sweets at birthday parties and have the occasional chocolate croissant when we're out, but I'm not bringing any of it inside our home. Instead, I'm getting a bit more creative in the kitchen and making some delicious sweet treats that are free from refined sugar and full of goodness.

A few days ago I had a serious sweet craving so I decided to make an adaptation of this raw chocolate milkshake using frozen banana, avocado, honey and raw cacao powder. My sister-in-law recommended it, you can find the full recipe here (I substituted hemp seeds with organic peanut butter). Lalie and I both really enjoyed it and I feel confident and positive about weaning her (and me!) off refined sugars and on to nourishing raw chocolate treats. It's really hard to believe something so decadent can be so good for you!

I've been doing a little bit of research online for both savoury and sweet dishes (I can't wait to try this and this... these ...and this!) but I'd love for you to share any favourite recipes or links that you have. We eat grains, meat and dairy but I'm striving to reduce wheat and refined sugars.

What about you? What's your philosophy when it comes to feeding the family? Have you made any changes to the way you buy and prepare food?


Sunday, 3 November 2013

Eulalie:  Straggly-haired, puffy-eyed, snotty-faced girl emerging from the wardrobe. Apparently you're never too sick for hide and seek.

Marguerite: Teeny toes (and chubby thighs!) in the clover patch.

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cabin fever

Friday, 1 November 2013

This week has been the most challenging since Marguerite's birth. Eulalie came down with virus last weekend which progressively worsened through the week. She's on the mend now, but I've never seen her as sick as she has been these past couple of days. My only concern now is that little Marguerite has picked up her cough, but so far seems in pretty good spirits.

We've been house bound all week and although I've wanted to be close to comfort my daughters, I've also really craved some personal space for the first time since becoming a mother of two. Paddy has been working 12 hour days. It's taken me two months to feel overwhelmed, but this is where I'm at. The blissful newborn bubble has burst and all around me I see mess, unpaid bills and the accumulation of to-do's that have been neglected for weeks on end.

If it wasn't for my Mum visiting to hold the baby and do the dishes, I think I might have had a mini meltdown. Wait, maybe this post is a mini meltdown?!

Anyway... it's Friday. Paddy just got home. Things are surely looking up!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

* The top picture is from a few weeks ago... I want to relive the cheer of that roadside wattle.

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