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Monday, 17 June 2013

Blogging is a funny old thing. There's times where it feels so right, and times when it just doesn't. At the moment, it just doesn't. I'm feeling less and less like I need to be here. Too much time spent in this crazy virtual world kind of sucks the joy right out of me.

The idea of 'simplifying' and 'gratitude' seem to be such common themes throughout the blogosphere, but the underlying message that really seems to be coming through to me is 'more is more' and 'want want want!'. Lately I'm finding myself questioning sincerity more than I'd like.

Then I look at my own blog... and start to wonder about the message I'm sending. Do people think I've got everything all worked out just because I upload a bunch of pretty photographs suggesting that maybe I've got my shit together? Are people comparing their worst self to my best self?

But then I realise that you're not silly, are you? You're human too... you know what real life is like.

So why do we keep pretending?

I'm going to take some time away from this space. For the first time since moving back here I can feel myself opening up to the people around me. There's a shift in where I want to focus my energy.

I'm sure there will be times where I'll return briefly when I need to... after all, there will be some very exciting news to share in the near future.

Thank you SO, SO much for being so amazing... for visiting and leaving beautiful comments. I've really enjoyed your company.

I'll see you soon,
Claire xx


  1. I have missed you . . . and I will miss you!

    Yours has always been a beautiful space, but it's felt real and authentic at the same time.

    I feel like the nature of blogging has shifted recently. It's a different game to what it once was. I find it kind of overwhelming at times.

    Hope this pregnancy is being kind to you. Look forward to hearing your news.

    rachel xo

  2. Hi Claire - I read every post, but I don't think I've ever commented. I too am struggling with this blogging love affair at the moment. I love it, but I don't want it to feel like an obligation. Take all the time you need, and do whatever is best for you and your little family. Best, Emma

  3. AnonymousJune 17, 2013

    purely as a reader i have noticed just the same. some are marketing themselves brand-like and not as genuine human beings. a little disturbing truth be told.

    kudos to you for staying true to yourself and to what matters most.

    your blog and online persona cannot be questioned.

    take good care x

  4. Claire the same thoughts have run through my mind many a times. It is exhausting trying to keep up. I too have stepped back a little... Back into real life :) I hope you do pop in every now and then because I do adore your beautiful pictures. Happy break to you.

    Sophie xo

  5. Your words speak many truths. And it is frustrating and the exact things I dislike about blogosphere. But as a memory keeping/journaling space, I stick with it. Whether people read or not, I like to record moments down and I am better on computer than I am with paper and pen most of the time. Enjoy the break, you will be missed and I look forward to your next very exciting update!! Xx

  6. You will be missed but I can totally understand what you have just written!

  7. AnonymousJune 17, 2013

    I'll miss you Claire. Until next time. Much love, Una x

  8. I quite understand. But wanted to say yours is one I always look at, your images are beautiful and yes we all know real life isn't perhaps as pretty as the pictures show, we hide the junk and mess and only report on the good stuff. I quite like that though, it's nice to have a little world to visit sometimes where stuff is pretty and times are happy. Hope you'll be back again sometime :)

  9. Blogging is ONLY fun if it's truly fun...when it's not, don't do it! What's the point? :)

    I absolutely LOVE Lalie's hair. It is so precious on her :)

    Have a peaceful, restful season, beautiful lady!

  10. I love your photos and posts and I love your honesty. Enjoy your break - look forward to seeing what you've been up to when you return! (It is good to get a break from the blogosphere now and then! xx)

  11. I will miss your posts, but truly understand why you need a break. So enjoy yourself and your family. Hope to see you back if and when you want too.

  12. I completely understand the need for a break. Sometimes I find this virtual world too addictive and I dislike when it dominates my thoughts.

    I always enjoy your seriously beautiful photos. Rest well. I look forward to meeting your new babe. Im x

  13. I know what you mean. I love blogging but I think there are times when you just have to 'be' in your life, the blog and hopefully the lovely people we meet through the blog will be there when we pop back in every now and then with something to share. I do love your blog and have always found it to be a very honest and real place to visit. Take care, i hope all goes well for the rest of your pregnancy and I wish you a peaceful and wonderful birth..x
    (peaceful sounds a bit strange for describing a birth, but I felt very peaceful when I had olive and it was really beautiful and raw and calm..I wish you well)

  14. I will miss your posts Claire. Hope you come back when you feel ready.

  15. Such honest words Claire. Yours is one of my favourite spaces in all of blogland and I hope you'll be back soon. I absolutely agree with all you've said though - was actually mid writing a post about my lack of blogging recently and so have linked to this post (I hope you don't mind!)

    Enjoy the real world (as opposed to the virtual!) I hope that bump is coming along nicely.

    Much love xxxxxx

  16. All the best Claire! I love your blog and will certainly miss it, but I see where you're coming from. I follow waaay too many lifestyle/design blogs and you do sometimes forget that just because every photo you see shows this idyllic and beautiful life, doesn't mean that everyone else doesn't also have the stack of dirty dishes in the sink, the dog fur all over the couch and the baby screaming at 3am. It's hard to stop comparing your real life to the small snippets you see of other people's lives.

  17. A time and a place for everything, as they say. All the best. xx

  18. Xx…we're very much in the same mind space at the moment.

  19. Good girl! Enjoy your darling family. xx

  20. Oh claire, I really do love your raw honesty and ability to see through all the 'stuff' out there in the virtual world. I have been on a big hiatus from my own blog... keep going to write a post... then not... then thinking of something to write... then not. Just doesn't feel right to me either. Maybe it will return, maybe it won't. But I occasionally pop into my blog feed and read a couple of my old faves... and tonight, it brought me here. Enjoy your time out and I'll look forward to popping in on you at some stage down the track, should you decide to resume your story, take care xo

  21. AnonymousJune 19, 2013

    Claire, your honestly and humility make you that much more beautiful. Well said as the line between commitment to beauty and pure materialism seems to be blurred, more here in this virtual world than anywhere else.
    Take care,

  22. yeeesh, i so get what you're saying.....i'm not feeling the love of blogging right now but then i feel like it may be just another part of my life that i let slip away because things are crazy and busy and overwhelming right now....so i try and stick with it because i don't want to lose this little part of my own identity that i've created.....but more often than not.....i sit in front of the screen trying to feel inspired.....i hope that the last bit of the pregnancy goes well and i'll be looking forward to hearing your news here or on IG. take care Claire. x

  23. Noooo - why are all the good ones quitting! Yours is one of the few blogs I really look forward to reading - no product placement, no blatant consumerism, no sponsored posts....just beautiful snaps and authentic words. Hard to find these days. But your first priority is and always will be your gorgeous family - and a new wee one getting closer every day. All the best Claire - and I hope to see you back here sometime soon.

  24. Surely no one in their right mind would think that you've got your shit together?! Ha! I've been thinking of you lots lately and I'll call you soon. Lots of love. Kellie xx

  25. Ha! What Kellie said – GOLD!

    Enjoy your break, totally understand your reasons, couldn't have put it better myself ;)


  26. Well I for one am looking forward to seeing that bundle when it arrives.

    Take care


  27. Oh I have been feeling the same way, living life a little more and stepping away from the online world feels right for me too at the moment...

    I do look forward to hearing your news and will be sure to check back here every now and then.

    All the best, xo

  28. I understand exactly what you're saying. if you come back we will be ready with open blog-reading eyes! love your work, as you know. x

  29. Ah, I go through these blogging shifts all too frequently. Miss you, Claire. Hope you're enjoying life and feeling well.

  30. a lot of bloggers i know are going through this at the mo. trying to keep up is exhausting and not what blogging should be about. i think when you try and turn your blog into a brand, you can suddenly lose all the sincerity, as you try to just post the 'beautiful' things and please the sponsors. it's a very blurry line. you have more important things on your mind at the mo i'm sure. good luck with the rest of your pregnancy and look forward to seeing the new baba. x

  31. AnonymousJune 22, 2013

    enjoy the space, although i will miss dropping in and out of your life via oneclaireday, i've always appreciated your authenticity (quite the rarity in today's blog filled world) and your very beautiful imagery. can completely relate to wanting to opt out of the virtual world and appreciate the now, i see a shift for most people, a welcome one and necessary i think for us all. have a wonderful time preparing for the new babe X

  32. I feel exactly the same way. Good for you. Bless you and your family in the real world, every-day, glorious and sacred ordinary!

  33. We will still adore you, when & if you return xx

  34. I struggle to pretend all the time. Often I whinge and show some of the not so pretty. That said sometimes there is magic in the make believe. I get focusing on the real bits. You'll never look back and wish you spent more time online. Can't wait to see what beautiful soul joins you're beautiful (and sometimes not) world. Blessings for the birth. Big love lady, x ashley

  35. 'The idea of 'simplifying' and 'gratitude' seem to be such common themes throughout the blogosphere, but the underlying message that really seems to be coming through to me is 'more is more' and 'want want want!'. Lately I'm finding myself questioning sincerity more than I'd like' - this is totally spot on.

    Thank you for putting how a lot of people are feeling so eloquently. Enjoy your time away from here. I'll will miss you Claire but hope to see you back here soon with some special news. xx

  36. So perfectly said! Thinking of you and looking forward to celebrating the joy of your new arrival. Thank you so much for your honesty and inspiration. I always love stopping by. Enjoy!
    Sophie x

  37. Nice one!
    Just so you know, I come here not because I think anything else except...
    eye candy, I love your photos of life at home with children, be it plants flowers with or without children!
    I find magazines expensive, full or advertising and quite honestly I can't relate to the fashion, gossip, home upkeep, highmaintenace stuff they jam them full of. Filled with the same products carefully placed...
    I come here because you are a real mum, brave enough to share your great eye for detail with us...other mums, with no eye for detail but a grat appreciation for yours!
    GOod luck...

  38. This is so true! I feel like I struggle everyday in finding out what I really need and what is just indoctrinated by the pretty pictures I see here in blogland or in magazines, TV...
    Finding my own way is the hardest part. All the best!

  39. Wise words, not echoed nearly enough. Thank you for your honesty but mostly, thank you for writing and sharing such beautiful words and photos from the heart.
    I hope we see more of you when the time is right again.
    Bella @ Sea and Salt xx

  40. I battle to imagine constantly. Regularly I whinge and reveal to a portion of the not so pretty. That said in some cases there is enchanting in the make accept. I get concentrating on the true bits. You'll never think back and wish you invested more time on the web. Can hardly wait to see what delightful soul goes along with you're excellent (and here and there not) planet. Commendments for the conception. Huge love woman, x ashley. claires voucher

  41. Sometimes, I like this little virtual world to remind me to take the time and appreciate the little things in life that sometimes get left behind by the craziness of the big things. Sometimes, quiet reflection of moments shared and sweet observations can put so much into perspective.

    May your days be carefree and happy as you head into another very exciting chapter of life...do hope that you feel that you can share a little of those special moments just once in a while in this beautiful space you've created here.

    Enjoy every moment of what's to come!

    Ingrid x

  42. I have felt so very similar recently, and have seen the sentiment echoed right across the blogosphere. I wonder what it is. A break is always good, I find I'm a zillion times more creative when I forget about things for a while :)

  43. I'm presently on break as well. Mind you, I miss blogging, but when I weigh it against schoolwork (my husband and I are both pursuing our master's in our respective fields), children (2 of them) being on display (had a bad experience with a reader last year), and general homeness, (it's a word), it falls short.


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