Friday, 19 April 2013

Things are looking a bit tired around here. I feel like we're stuck in some sort of home-decor-limbo. Everywhere I look there's a half-finished project. On the dining table, supermarket flowers decay in their vase.

The first half of this pregnancy has been downright exhausting. Although I've felt nothing but incredibly blessed and happy, I must admit that the accompanying fatigue has been an enormous challenge. With Paddy away for so much of it, I was left physically and emotionally drained. Only now - at 22 weeks - am I starting to feel my energy return. Finally, I'm starting to believe that things around here might actually get finished.

Lalie's room is slowly undergoing a transformation as she moves beyond infancy and well into toddlerhood. It seems a natural progression to move her from the cot that was mine as a baby and into the bed I slept in as a little girl... such a beautiful sentiment that means so much to me. I'm so thankful that my Mum held onto it all these years and I know for certain I will store it for many more to come. It's not finished yet; a lick of paint (Dulux Sea Sprite) has reinvented it, but Paddy has yet to repair the posts that complete the more elaborate four-post design (consider this a very premature sneak peak of the next stage of her room).

My office space is also looking to get a bit of an overhaul, as we prepare to make room for baby. I'm in no rush to relocate my creative space just yet though as babe will be in our room for at least the first six months. Looking around me right now though, I can't help but wonder where all the stuff in this room is actually going to go. It's either time for built in's... or even better - a few garage sales.

I've always considered myself a collector, but these days I'm finding the need to strip back. I used to see 'pretty clutter' in my collections, but now all I see is a big old mess. I think for us, family life definitely requires a more minimal and practical approach to decorating. Don't you agree?

I hope you have a great weekend... I'm off to buy some (longer lasting) replacements for those poor old roses and chrysanthemums!


  1. my heart sings for you over this moony, nesting time. you're decorating through the eyes of a child, and putting 'heart' into it... so far, oh so very good! x

  2. I'm working on it but my house is feeling too cluttery for my liking as well. And with 3(ish) weeks to go I'm wondering where we'll find the time to get shit done... I wish you lived in Sydney and you could come by for tea and home decor advice ;) x

  3. Oh I completely agree! A big part of me is excited to be moving just so I can declutter and start afresh with a less-is-more approach.

    And I too have dying flowers around my house. Removing them is one of my pet hate jobs :/

    I'm really glad that you are starting to feel better and more energetic - embrace it and enjoy gradually preparing your home and family to welcome this new little one!


  4. Hello Claire, did you make the gorgeous dream catcher?

    It reminds me of the beautiful wreath you made at Christmas time xo

    1. I actually found the dream catcher at Mission Beach markets - a little coastal town farther North where we escaped to for a few days in Summer when I was about 12 weeks pregnant. I had it in mind for the new baby's room but it somehow found it's way into Lalie's space... things could change, though :) x

    2. It's so unique (and not OTT boho for either child). Love it.

  5. Absolutely! I find it so easy to throw things out now that seemed so important years ago.. it's funny how having children changes your perspective on things. Lalie's bed is so sweet and a beautiful colour :) x

  6. Maybe you can keep your study and eventually pop the two cherubs in together? After all little ones don't really need much. We have a teeny tiny kids room and it has a lovely comfy cosy feel. That bed is such a gorgeous colour for Lalie. What a lovely history it has!

  7. I have stopped buying fresh flowers for a while now, because I would always wait until they died (and smelt) before getting the motivation to tidy them up. I love having them in the house so much though! I'm switching to plants at the moment, because all they seem to need is a little water from time to time and no tidying up. We'll see how that goes ...

    Can't wait to see Lalie's room when you're done, that bed looks beautiful!

  8. yes, very much so, i've started to see dust and dirt instead of my pretty, old, artfully cluttered things- they're slowing being re-homed with friends who come by. motherhood to 2 has definitely changed my tastes to more practical and easily contained

  9. The Sea Sprite colour is perfect. I love the sentiment of this bed too. Have you read Happier at Home by Gretchen Rubin? Jodi recommended it on one of her posts once and I bought it and it is a wonderful, inspiring read. All about de-cluttering, simplifying, and parting with things we don't need or want etc.
    Glad you are regaining some energy too. xx

  10. I'm just ahead of you, at 25 weeks, and also finally feel good! I'm so glad to be getting back into the swing of life, glad you are too!

  11. Look at your lovely spaces Claire! Look at your amazing photography! I want to look at you too... can't you just indulge me and post a bazillion photo's of your loveliness?

    As for the nesting and de cluttering- i've done both- first i had to throw EVERYTHING out and then i had to buy NEW everything... because thats logical and efficient and sensible :)


  12. I've been on a massive donation bender this year.. the amount of 'stuff' in my house has been driving me nuts, and it just kind of dawned on me earlier this year how much time I spend picking up and cleaning this 'stuff' and how much easier my life would be if we didn't have so much of it. It's slow progress though and I just want to get back to having at least some parts of the house look like they've been put together thoughtfully rather than things in every corner.

    Love the colour for Lalie's bed, it looks beautiful. Matilda is in my old bed, one that my grandpa made. So happy mum had held on to it.

  13. This could possibly be nesting. A lot of my friends in Sydney tell me that when they were nearing the end stages of pregnancy, they were desperate to have the house just cleaned up and ready. Take things easy though. I'm sure everythign will be alright!


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