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Monday, 25 February 2013

My beautiful sister has left on an exciting adventure... she arrived safely in London-Town last week.

I don't know when she'll be back. All I know is that she will be missed. Every day.

We love you Aunty Stephie and our hearts are so happy for you xx

P.S - Thank you for showering me with support and kind words on my last post. We are doing much better (Paddy's home!)...  I hope to start blogging more regularly again soon. Life is busy. I fly to Sydney on Thursday to shoot my first wedding. Exciting times! I hope you are all doing well :)


  1. London will love Steph x

  2. Boo for travelling sisters, but yay for her. And yay for husbands being back in town (mine's away a lot at the moment too, it's horrible) and wedding gigs. good on you. Here's to happier times... xx

  3. I can hear a heavy heart claire, even though you are so happy for steph :( it's so hard wanting for their happiness and wanting to keep them close at the same time. my sister was gone for nearly two years in london and she grew immeasurably - it was the best thing she has ever done for herself. I'm so glad paddy's home - and your first wedding! so happy for you, look forward to seeing some undoubtedly stunning shots of the happy couple. safe travels x

  4. My sister is in Melbourne so I don't see her very often (that sounds so silly but we don't have the money or the reliable car to travel far) - I miss her all the time! Thank god for FaceTime!

    I'm glad Paddy's home, and a wedding gig! Go you! x

  5. Oh she will have a blast I am sure... I hope you don't miss her terribly. Thank goodness there is Skype. And hurrah Paddy's back. Enjoy your family unit. xx

  6. I know where you're coming from. I'm a younger sister who lives in London and watching my big sister grow her family while I'm not there makes my heart hurt in the worst way possible. I've been here 4 and a half years and now met an English gent. I may now never come home, and that hurts the worst. I just send home lots of great clothes and English goodies as bribes so they don't disown me! ;)

    At least you have your husband back, and facetime is amazing!

  7. I am in love with this set of photos :)

  8. I hope she has the most wonderful time!
    Glad things are on the up again, good luck with the wedding, I know you'll do an amazing job!

  9. All the best for you sister on her London adventures. It is such a wonderfully vibrant city.

    Beautiful photos as always. x Laura

  10. Beautiful photos, Claire, especially that last one. Best of luck on the upcoming wedding. Hope you'll share some pics with us.

  11. It's so sad when loved family and friends move away .... why can't we all just live in the same city? But then we'd miss out on so much. Safe, happy travels, Steph! Kellie xx

  12. This makes me miss my sister terribly - she moved cross country to California and its definitely hard being so close to someone emotionally but physically so far away :/ hoping the time apart passes quickly! (And what gorgeous photos are these!) x

  13. Oh Claire, I hope she isn't gone for too long. Happy to hear the Padmeister is back and you're feeling better. And what a way to top it off - photographing a wedding in Sydney. Go you! xx

  14. Welcome to London, Claire's sister! And Claire, your photos just get more and more beautiful. x

  15. Oh I do hope your sister has a wonderful time! A lovely excuse to plan a holiday to London perhaps ...

    Can't wait to see your photos from the wedding.

  16. Oh Claire, those photo's...
    My sister arrived home from a 2yr stint in London last September. I missed her so much while she was away, and even now I'm so thrilled about being able to call, or see her anytime. Still such a novelty that we're finally back in the same city. One thing we started while she was away was our Sister Journals. A notebook of blank pages that stays with a sister for a time, she fills a few pages with anecdotes, stories, memories, inspiration, artwork, doodles, "in" jokes etc. Then she sends it around the world to the other sister, who does the same with the next few pages. And so it continues. It's the best thing getting the Sister Journal in the mail. We're continuing with ours, even now when it only needs to travel across town. We treasure it and hope to keep this a tradition until we're little old sister ladies! Belinda xx

  17. Your photos are just so beautiful Claire! I wish you shot my wedding ; ) x

  18. Heidi FitzMarch 01, 2013

    the love in those photos - in front of the camera and behind .. very special. Hx

  19. Such beautiful photos of family. Bless xx

  20. A trip like that brings a richness to your life that few things can match. Enjoy every minute, Stephanie. x

  21. PS - LUCKY DUCKS getting you to shoot their wedding. I would get married again just for that privilege. Hang on a minute... could you tag-team with Tim? If you could do that, I'll marry again! x

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