christmas day

Monday, 30 December 2013

I know, I know... I'd already signed off for the year. But before we leap into the new one, I wanted to post a few pictures of our Christmas table (I did manage to get my act together in the end!). Then of course, there's the obligatory shot of the girls on Christmas morning... dressed up in festive frocks by the tree.

 Hope you're enjoying the festive season. See you soon xx


Sunday, 29 December 2013

Eulalie: The little ones sat like tiny grown-ups around a small table decorated with crochet and dried eucalyptus. They popped their own little bon-bons containing miniature sized obligatory paper crowns. I think they kinda loved it.

Marguerite: It is my firm belief that babies are at their most delicious post-bath; cocooned in a fluffy towel with tiny droplets embellishing their face.

I hope you've had a happy and restful few days. I can't quite believe that the year is almost over! Time just evaporates, doesn't it?

View all my 52 posts for 2013. I look forward to participating in the 52 project wholeheartedly in 2014.

Wishing you happiness and health as we enter a brand new year. xx

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Sunday, 22 December 2013

Eulalie: This is the first year that she's really managed to grasp the idea of Christmas. She's a little excited... but very wary of the big strange man in red. Today we will be writing him a letter to politely request that he doesn't sneak into the house on Christmas Eve... "just leave the presents outside and go".

Marguerite: Helping decorate her first tree, in her own little way. Two seconds later she tried to eat that decoration.

Thank you for popping by and keeping me company this year. The support, encouragement and advice you so generously offer is accepted with much gratitude. From our family to yours - may your Christmas be safe and joyous and may your bellies and hearts be full.

I'll pop in with a final portrait next week... other than that, see you in 2014!

Claire and family xx

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of christmas past

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Firstly, please excuse the sneaky repost of photos from the last two christmases. The full posts can be found here and here.

I'm a bit sad about the fact that I haven't been able to muster the creative energy to do something crafty and fun for Christmas this year. There is currently zero festive styling going on in our home. I had resigned myself to the fact that we'd be unwrapping presents around an (undecorated) artificial tree and all... until Paddy managed to score a rather fabulous real tree at the last minute (thank goodness!).

I had really better pull my finger out though, because in some stroke of lunacy we decided it would be a good idea to host Christmas at our place this year. Heaven help us.

Despite the fact that I have been suffering minor anxiety attacks every few minutes, I truly am looking forward to it. Truly, I am! We haven't had Christmas at ours before and it will be such a memorable one having everyone* here on Marguerite's first Christmas.

Where are you spending Christmas this year? Any tips for a hostess without the mostess?

* Except for a few soecial people including my darling sister who I miss more than ever (hi steph!)

52 | the ones that got away

Thursday, 19 December 2013

I dare say I've probably been the most inconsistent participant of Jodi's 52 project this year. I started late, and then with Paddy working away, an exhausting pregnancy and busy life with a newborn, I found it impossible to post here every week.

I really wanted to record the above captures here because I feel as though they partially fill a few big gaping holes that have been left in this space over the last year. It's been a big year for us and I wanted to document Lalie's growth and Marguerite's entrance into the world, and our family.

Although time consuming, I really enjoyed going back through a years worth of photos. With a fresh perspective, I really appreciate these overlooked moments more than I did at the time. Sometimes I think you just need a little distance from the event - enough so that they're no longer simply moments - they're memories.

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Sunday, 15 December 2013

Eulalie: the wind in her hair and the world at her feet.

Marguerite: still a little unsure of this big black thing I keep shoving in her face.

Jodi and I were chatting last week and I suggested she invite 52 Project participants to share 'the ones that got away'. Each week I find it so difficult to chose only one, and there are so many other portraits I'd like to share here. As it so happened, Jodi loved the idea and will be sharing hers on Wednesday with a link up. Will you be joining in too?

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hot and bothered

Thursday, 12 December 2013

I always find myself most nostalgic as we enter the summer months. Perhaps it's because we live in such a hot, tropical climate. We do a pretty pathetic job of the other three seasons... but summer? We've got it covered. Here, the summer air is thick with haze and humidity and sweetened by the nectar of tropical fruits. Enormous butterflies glide between mango trees while cicadas chirp in the eucalyptus. Ants trail along windowsills and frogs get chatty at dusk - reminding us that the wet season is upon us.

Every year, I find myself eagerly anticipating the torrential rain as it always follows such a long, dry period. When the heavens open up and all that atmospheric tension is released, I find myself exhaling... letting go of so much of my own stress and anxieties that have built up throughout the year.

I'm feeling it more than ever at the moment. I'm overwhelmed and anxious. There's a tightness in my throat. I'm exhausted and emotional... snappy and irrational.

But... soon enough the storms will start brewing and the rain will crash down on our (leaky!) tin roof. Paddy will pour the wine and we'll sit on the front verandah and just let it all go... with Fleetwood Mac and Billie Holliday keeping us company, as they always do in the summertime.

Do you get a little overwhelmed this time of year? What's your release?


Sunday, 8 December 2013

Eulalie: I was tempted to post a different photo of her looking beautifully pensive amongst the flowers - but this one says so much more about her and her little quirks. If you request a smile, this is what you'll get every. single. time. And not because she's being cheeky, either! This is Lalie trying her absolute hardest to be cooperative and give her best smile... bless her cotton socks.

Marguerite: Armchair cuddles with big sister. Lalie's always asking to hold Marguerite and I'm always more than happy to oblige... nothing quite like sibling snuggles.

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thinking about...

Friday, 6 December 2013

Nelson Mandela... what an inspiring human being.
Fridays have lost that 'friday' feeling since Paddy started working every Saturday.
I just splurged on this dress - an early christmas/birthday gift to myself.
I hope the whole waking-every-hour thing is just a temporary phase. Three month growth spurt?
It's going to be a very warm Christmas. I think an inflatable pool could be a worthwhile investment.
Is Lalie really 3 next month?! Am I really 31?!!
I'm going to make these tomorrow.
Is she a Maggie or a Daisy? Peggy? Or just Marguerite... hmmm.
Enjoy the weekend!
Tired... early bed tonight.

hello summer...

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

...looks like we're in for a scorcher!

P.S When did my baby go and grow up on me?


Sunday, 1 December 2013

Eulalie: Watercolours at the dining table. She is quite the perfectionist (I'm afraid I'm to blame for that!)

Marguerite: Every day, she reveals another beautiful layer of her personality. We're all enjoying getting to know this sweet, happy babe.

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snippets: coral and sage

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

1. Finished hers and on to mine
2. Happy succulent
3. There's a tiny mention of me in the current papier mache magazine
4. Marguerite found her feet

It's been a while since I shared some snippets. Paddy likes to call these kind of posts 'vintage' because they remind him of when I first started out blogging. I kinda miss those days.

I have lots of good ideas for this blog swimming around in my head, but finding the time to structure those thoughts into coherent posts is proving to be quite a challenge. Every day I promise myself I'll spend a couple of hours on it after the girls are in bed... and then proceed to fall asleep next to Lalie as I sing her (us) off to sleep.

Yesterday was a very productive day on most other fronts. I managed to finish editing a wedding (today I'll start on another one), wash and fold laundry... I even took a few photos. I spent the rest of the day smooching and playing with my tiny girl while Lalie was off at kindy. I fell asleep feeling accomplished.

Now it's 7am the next day and the girls are both sleeping in our room. I'm just about to hit publish. I feel like today might just be another small win, too.


Sunday, 24 November 2013

Eulalie: My big girl is handling this huge adjustment period so well... but I know that she misses me. Sometimes it feels like there might not ever be enough 'me' to go around - for Paddy, the girls...and myself.

Marguerite: Window gazing in the early evening as the rain pitter-pattered down on the tin roof above.

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flowers (and facebook) on friday

Friday, 22 November 2013

Happy weekend! And Happy Birthday to my smart, gorgeous, loveable sister who will be celebrating in London today (miss you Aunty Steph!).

Also... I'll be hanging out a little on facebook from now on. Feel free to go ahead and like me, if you like :)

two faces

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Oh, just a little midweek baby spam. Obviously I had a hard time choosing last weeks portrait.

Our little Marguerite Daisy... 11 weeks.

P.S - Thanks for sharing your stories on my last post... I really enjoyed reading about your experiences. Such a nice reminder that we are never alone in our struggles.

too much of a good thing

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Well... after several bouts of mastitis, worrying periods of breast refusal, a gassy unsettled baby and issues with oversupply... I think I might have finally tamed my overenthusiastic let-down to a point where we can actually begin to enjoy this breastfeeding journey.

Whoever said breastfeeding second time around was easier obviously had a very different experience to me. It's not much fun when your let-down lets you down*.

Have you experienced issues with breastfeeding? It really can be tricky business!

* Does sleep deprivation turn you into a comedic genius too? ;)

* Photo by Tim Coulson

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