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Thursday, 6 September 2012

The eucalyptus trees in our yard are sprouting sweet, fluffy blossoms which are attracting the most vibrant little visitors. Rainbow Lorikeets might just be my favourite bird. Lalie was lucky enough to get up close and personal to a colourful little pair on our Maggie trip.

I could handle more unannounced visits from these little guys... I think it's time to start planting some more bird-attracting natives in our yard.


  1. That's one thing I love about Australia, the beautiful and so so colourful flora and fauna. We've been planting some bird-attracting natives in the hope to do the same thing. Pity our wet boggy soil has not treated many of the grevillia's well.
    Lovely photo's.

  2. Beautiful pics! I love the birds coming to my balcony minus magpies they freak me out!! Ha ha

  3. Those birds are magnificent looking. Eulalie had a lucky encounter with those beauties!

  4. Oh the good ol' lorikeets... or 'lollikeets' as my Angus calls them... they are so incredibly tame. They just settle into every day life in suburban backyards, amazing! So pretty and yet they can also be so nasty to each other when it's food on the line ;) xo

  5. What sweet little visitors. Love Lalie's little top too.

  6. Love the pics of the Lorikeets - we have them here in the uk too, but at the zoo, of course, where they let visitors feed them from little paper cups containing nectar. Last time we visited we were told that in Australia they are considered a nuisance and are thought of in the same way as we think about pigeons, but from reading your post that can't be true can it? Lovely blog, by the way, only just stumbled across you. I'll certainly visit again.


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