Wednesday, 18 July 2012

When the sun finally breaks through, after days upon days of rain, those warm golden rays are sweeter and more nurturing than ever. There's a sudden shift in the weather... and I can taste summer already.

Lalie is feeling so much better today. Hours and hours of sleep in the big bed seem to be doing her the world of good. I'm so impressed with how quickly she manages to fend off these bugs... a sign of a strengthening immune system, perhaps? I had planned to start weaning when Paddy comes home, but maybe I'll wait a little longer. It's good stuff that breast-milk!


  1. oh, the poor little one. I'm glad she's feeling better. rose is poorly at the moment too and can hardly feed for her tiny blocked nose.

    lovely new header!

  2. Yes, breastmilk is the good stuff. My baby is almost 18 months & I'm weaning her. It's hard, because she still wants to nurse, but I need to be done for a number of reasons.

    Glad your little one is feeling better.

  3. Good to hear Claire, and gorgeous photos. Ah yes, the big wean. I keep saying I'm going to do it now, and then it somehow keeps getting put off! Perhaps next week we'll start...?!

  4. There's nothing quite as comforting as breastmilk - for the baby suffering and the worried muma. It makes the journey so much easier when you know they're getting all they need from the milk.

    You'll know when you're ready. You'll just know. x

  5. Glad she's on the mend. I thought Eve was going to wean recently but I'm so grateful she hasn't I really think its helped get her through her cold.

  6. glad she's feeling better, lady! Nothing like slumbers in the 'queen' bed (Zephie asked me if I was a queen then I said we had a 'queen' ben- naturally I said yes) and sunshine on the skin.

    enjoy it


  7. I still miss feeding olive, is that weird? I'm glad to hear Lalie's feeling much better, it's just awful when they're sick. These photos are so beautiful, are you using a filter? Do tell! Kellie xx

    1. not weird at all. you'll probably miss it forever... it's the most beautiful experience. I have been playing with photoshop with colours and contrast... and adding a bit of a warm haze etc. It's fun playing but you can get a little carried away!

  8. Oh poor little lady. It's just horrible when they're sick. Both of my boys have been very sick these past few weeks. They seem to sleep so much, but I know that it's doing them good, which makes me happy.
    Glad to hear Lalie is on the mend. Hope you're taking care too xo

  9. Amazing photos, Claire. So good to know she's feeling better now.... it's heartbreaking when they're not well. Our entire family has just been through the flu, and it's such an immense relief now that it's over...
    Ronnie xo

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