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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Lalie and her adorable cousins (from Paddy's side) - Keeley and baby Phoebe. These three girls are forming such a gorgeous bond... it is an absolute pleasure hanging out with Paddy's brother Shawn and his wife Monique and watching our girls play and interact. I feel so incredibly blessed to be a part of this family. My sister-in-law Monique and I are the closest of friends - I honestly don't know what I would do without her!

And to top it off... I'm so looking forward to the arrival of my own big brother Chris, and his partner Isabelle, later in the year. They have been living interstate for more than twenty years(!) and have recently made the decision to move to North Queensland to be closer to family. When their baby arrives in December, Lalie will have a younger cousin from my side. I'm so excited to enter the next chapter in our family story. A new generation is born.

P.S - I've finally managed to add the reply feature in my comments section. If you've asked me a question recently (in the last month or so), chances are you can go back to find an answer. Before now I have been so very slack with responding (sorry!).


  1. Three cuties! What cute photographs!

    That is the one thing that is so hard about living so far away from home...being away from family.
    We have great friends and a great support system here...but sometimes you just want family.

  2. Oh, God, stop! TOO MUCH CUTE!

  3. Too cute. Lalie has such smiling eyes, just gorgeous. And lucky you to have family coming closer! Leo only has cousins in France... WAY too far away.

  4. Love these photos.
    The bond between cousins is such a beautiful thing. Both my brothers and their wives/kids live in different countries {1 in USA, the other in Solomon Islands} so when we all get together, it's magic! I love watching my kids with their cousins!

  5. Having cousins to grow up with is so wonderful, I wish my children had been able to have that.

  6. i still can't figure out how to do that! don't seem to have the option on my template.
    anyway, lalie's face just cracked me up! so happy! x

  7. such sweet faces! cousins are the best.

    rachel xo

  8. Such cool pictures Claire! And such cute models xx

  9. I am close to my sister-in-law as well and it is such a blessing. And now that our little ones are so close in age (and geographically) I can't wait to watch them grow.

    Very fun and unique snapshots Claire!

  10. How wonderful for your family that everyone will be close by. It sounds like the beginning of a new era.
    Ronnie xo

  11. this is so wonderful claire, you are so very lucky. I have a good relationship with my SILs but I always wished it would be more - we're just too different. I can understand your excitement for your brother's family's arrival, my sister is due in november, the first baby from my siblings, which of course has made my desire to move north stronger, so our kids can grow up together. time will tell x ps - seriously gorgeous gene pool there!!

  12. Cousins (and family) are the best! How do they know to love them so much? These are the sweetest photos with their gorgeous little faces peeking over the fence. Just lovely, Claire. Kellie xx

  13. I always look forward to seeing your pictures, Claire. A real aesthetic treat to be savoured from across the world, here, in France.

    I hope you are eating a bit more than veggiemite sandwiches and porridge now ;-)


    ps Please, if you have a spare moment, come and see my newly created hares/rabbits... ;-)

  14. oh wow these pictures are so lovely! my baby boy is 7 months and he has a cousin 10 months older and 7 months younger. I love thinking of them growing up as friends :) x


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