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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Today was Paddy's birthday. We spent the evening enjoying a delicious meal at our local Japanese restaurant. As lovely as it was, we weren't really in the mood for celebrating. Paddy leaves for China on Sunday - a work trip that will require him being away from us for the majority of the next two months. He'll return home midway for a ten day break and then leave again for another three or so weeks.

Paddy going away for work isn't new to me. We've battled through more than our fair share of long distance, a sacrifice we made in earlier years to save for a house - to feather our nest. But with our hatchling now here, the idea of our little family being separated for even a short time makes me feel sick to the pit of my stomach* .

Solo parenting for the next two months is going to be exhausting, but honestly the very least of my worries. More than anything, I'm just a little heartbroken at the thought of these two missing out on each other. There's such a sweetness to this father-daughter bond, their little daily rituals - those magical minutes when Daddy gets home from work. We're really going to miss him, and boy is he going to miss his little girl.

Happy Birthday my Love... hurry back to us! xxx

* This is me being completely melodramatic. Of course, there's countless families out there faced with so much worse.

** These photos were taken a few weeks ago when Paddy sported a rather untamed beard - one more thing he's had to leave behind for this work trip!

here and now

Thursday, 24 May 2012


You would think, after a month long blogging break, I'd have something a bit more exciting to talk about than the weather.

Apparently not.

May, you are simply beautiful. Please stay like this forever. Warm enough to splash in salty water, yet just cool enough to slip on vintage woolens that have been stashed away for what seemed like an eternal Summer (this stripey number is on loan from Lalie's cousins).

These photos were taken at Townsville's main beach (don't bother stopping here if you fancy a surf!). Despite sometimes feeling isolated and uninspired in this largely suburban town, the view to Magnetic Island accross a tranquil ocean that gleams like a sheet of glass never fails to fill me with pure wonder. As I watch my daughter play quietly in the sand I find myself starting to appreciate this beautiful place for all that it has to offer - space, air, quiet, calm. For the first time in a long time I think I am starting to feel settled, or at least comfortably paused here in this sleepy town for the next few chapters.

Moments in earlybird.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Thanks so much for the sweet comments on my last post - how lovely it was to come back to such a warm reception!

I'm still trying to get my act together in the blogging department but I have been hanging out on instagram lately - it's so fast, easy and visually satisfying! I thought I'd share some of my favourite snap shots here. I was tickled pink to discover one of my pictures has been featured on Pia Jane Bijkerk's gorgeous blog too! 

If you like, you can follow my feed here (username oneclaireday). 

Happy Monday - I hope your week is off to a good start! 

A backyard picnic.

Monday, 14 May 2012

Hello again! I didn't intend to post again so soon, but I thought I'd share some photos of our little Mother's Day picnic in the backyard. I went a little crazy as it's the first time I've taken proper photos in a while (I've been opting for the ease of my iphone), so I apologise for bombarding you with Lalie pictures!

Paddy asked me earlier in the week to keep Sunday afternoon free for a picnic - just the three of us. On the day, I told him that I didn't feel like heading out and would rather we just picnicked in the backyard. He smiled as he told me that was exactly his plan. We raided Lalie's room for gauzy drapes and generous floor cushions and set up 'camp' under a tree in the back yard. I pulled some creeping weeds from the fence and fashioned them into delicate crowns for Lalie and I (this is becoming our little ritual - these vines are taking over our yard!). We enjoyed a simple late lunch of salami, olives and sourdough and then finished up with a homemade cake - Paddy's stellar effort at Nigella's victoria sponge.

It was a perfect afternoon... some days there's nowhere in the world I'd rather be than our humble backyard. Yesterday was one of them.

To all the Mother's...

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Hello! How are you all? We are doing very well - I'm enjoying my little blogging break and hope to be back (properly) very soon.

I just wanted to pop in and wish a big, warm Happy Mother's Day to my amazing Mum and Mum in law, and to all the Mum's out there... to the Mother's past who brought us this far, to the Mother's who currently guide and inspire us, and to those who hope and desire to be a Mother someday - this one's for you! Relax, be generous to yourself - you deserve it!

See you soon!
Claire x

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