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Saturday, 24 March 2012

The rain has stopped. Yay! It's quite possible that I owe the sudden (and very welcome) change in weather to two lovely blogging ladies - Lou at Little Green Shed and Leigh at Lover of Vintage. Thank you for sending me some warm, sunny rays in the form of a sunshine award!

The idea is to answer a few little questions and pass it on to five other bloggers. Here goes...

Favourite colour? How does one possibly choose? I tend to gravitate toward muted, earthy tones. I'm loving rusty browns, misty ocean greens and dusty pinks at the moment. I'm not too adventurous with bold colour.

Favourite animal? Horses! I rode horses for many years and still own my very first pony, Goldie. I've had her since I was six years old!

Favourite non-alcoholic drink? Good coffee or a cold, freshly squeezed juice - apple, pineapple, carrot, celery, beetroot, ginger. 

Facebook or twitter? I don't really do either, although I do have a very neglected and outdated facebook account!

Favourite number? 3. It's the magic number :)

Favourite day of the week? Sunday

My passions? Family, collecting beautiful things, creating beautiful things, photography, styling, music, fashion and textiles, travel.

Getting or giving presents? Both. I particularly love wrapping gifts :)

Favourite pattern? Hmmm... you can't go past the classic stripe or a teeny tiny polka dot (preferably on beautiful linen).

Favourite flower: Again, too many to choose! I love Irises, daisies, wax flower, Australian flowering gum, Kangaroo paw.... I love rustic native Australian flowering plants!

Okay, I'm spreading the sunshine on to these five lovely ladies:

Joanna // Miette Handmade


  1. thanks for putting me onto some lovely new to me blogs claire, filling in my sat night on the couch beautifully!

  2. Beautiful answers.. If I'd thought it a bit more, I would should have said horses. I was a horse nut as a kid. loux p.s. your hubby as an awesome beard! x

  3. Thanks for the love Claire... those photos are so beautiful, makes me yearn for some beachy time.

  4. Isn't it funny that we even *have* a favourite number. Mine is 3 as well.

    Your love of Aussie native flowers is divine. x

  5. Thanks for sending some delicious sunshine my way! I'm lapping it up on the deck while i enjoy my tea.

    rachel xoxo

  6. Thanks for the sunshine Claire - much needed here today! xx

  7. Love these question ones ;) colours are hard.. I go between duck egg blue and grey but the combo is even better x

  8. is it okay that I am sitting here dying of jealousy of your beautiful home? Just so you know :)

  9. Loved getting to know you more :)

    LOVE that you don't do facebook.

    I do (mainly to keep my overseas family up to date with Max), but often wished I didn't :)

    Nothing but love xx

  10. Thanks for spreading the sunshine love Claire! As soon as I kick this pesky virus I'll blog my answers. Though I would love to just copy most of yours, they're so good.

    Those are two very frame-worthy photos up there. xx

  11. Such lovely photos of your family there!
    Ronnie xo

  12. You capture so much beauty in little old Townsville Claire, beautiful photos! xx

    Anna (My Design Ethos)


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