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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Thank you all for your sweet 'get well' messages. The bug is finally starting to shake the bug. This weekend we've managed to re-surface from the depths of a week-long viral nightmare and get out into the fresh air for some sand and sun.

It's tough when they're sick. Obviously for them... but also for the parents. All the worrying, comforting and caring for a poorly bub is incredibly draining. I haven't felt as helpless, exhausted or anxious since she was a tiny newborn...

...but to put things into perspective - she's fine. Mending nicely. It certainly makes my heart heavy to think of all the parents out there caring for seriously sick children who are battling far worse than tonsillitis and a chest infection.

I'm so very grateful to have a healthy family. It really is all that matters.


  1. Oh my gosh. These photos are just amazing. That top one in particular... treasure.

  2. Gorgeous photographs! I'm glad she's feeling better.

  3. Gorgeous, the fifth is my absolute favourite! I'm glad to hear she's on the mend.

  4. Indeed it is. Glad to hear you're emerging back into the light. And what beautiful light it is... MORE gorgeous family photos!

  5. Yes. We've had a run of sickness over here, too, and it's pretty draining. Even when it's possible to put it in perspective--as you did in this entry--it's still painful to watch them feel ill. So glad to see her up and running again.

  6. Beautiful Cabbage, so nice to see your face on here too (although the bug is always a delight too).

    enjoy the beach right now.

    love from your most die hard follower/ obsessive commenter.


  7. Eep - I'm nervous about Gus' first illness - must be so stressful! Glad to hear she's better. And wearing a really sweet romper! xo

  8. Fresh salt air and Muma cuddles - the very best medicine.

    Happy to hear sweet little lalie is all better. Take care of yourself this week Claire - go gently x

  9. Wow those are lovely shots of you all. I'm so glad she is feeling better. Aside from the worry and the pain our little ones experience, it's frankly such a drain on patience and resources to have a sick bubba. I'm glad you're out of the woods. x

  10. I agree, its so hard to see your bubbies not well, but I am very happy to see that all is on the mend.
    Enjoy that sunshine - sunshine and the beach always makes everything so much better.

  11. Such beautiful photos. Lalie's back & ready for more mischief! Hope you can finally catch up on some rest. Kellie xx

  12. So many beautiful pics and lovely light.
    We can have a giggle at the pic of her below looking snotty (but cute) right? Because she's on the mend?
    Didn't feel quite right before!

    So glad she's feeling better. Enjoy the sun x

  13. Just popping in... "a vintage post up my (batwing) sleeve" - ROFL!!!!!!!!!! x

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