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Monday, 30 January 2012

Well, hello there! We're back from a wonderful week in Sydney and I can finally share with you some of the beautiful images Tim Coulson captured of our little family over Eulalie's 1st birthday weekend.

I will post some photos of her birthday party very soon. In the meantime, you can see more pictures of our little family session at Tim's gorgeous blog.  Tim is an outstanding photographer, and more importantly, one of the loveliest men we've ever met. He is warm and approachable and made us all feel completely at ease. It was such a memorable weekend and I'm so grateful to have had Tim document it so beautifully. What a treat it will be for Lalie to look back on these photos when she's older!

I hope you are all well - I've missed you!


Saturday, 14 January 2012


We're still alive and well. Just busy. Busy little bees. You see, in the next few days this cheeky thing turns one. There will be a little party. And a special visitor. And shortly after, a long awaited holiday to catch up with friends, both old and new.

I'll be back soon xx

P.S - Lalie wears Pretty Pickings dress made from vintage fabric. Available at Shorties. Thanks Zia Kel, we love it!
P.P.S - Lalie also wears battle scar on her forehead. Ran into the door. Ouch. Luckily there's been minimal bruising so she's almost camera-ready. Phew! ;)


Monday, 9 January 2012

One of her first giggling fits. I don't know why I didn't blog these pictures at the time. Perhaps it was because they were slightly out of focus. Or maybe because she kinda resembled a little old man...

...but now, looking back - I'd say they've got to be up there with my absolute faves.

She's growing too fast.

* Taken April 2011 - approx 3.5 months


Saturday, 7 January 2012

New year. New hair. New lens. (thanks for the hot tip, Anna... I hope yours is ok!)

New toddler. Whole new level of chaos.

Other than that - it's same old, same old.

So tell me, what's new with you? I hope 2012 is shaping up nicely :)

P.S - The extremely serious expression isn't me trying to be cool (okay maybe just a little bit). Mostly it's me concentrating on trying to focus! This lens makes everything bluuurrrry... but so delicious!

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