Christmas Day

Saturday, 31 December 2011

Despite overwhelming feelings of stress and anxiety leading up to Christmas, the day itself turned out to be joyous, relaxed, simple and meaningful. It was a day filled with delicious food (and that gorgeous Logan wine), beautiful gifts and the people we love most. I couldn't have wished for anything more for Eulalie's first Christmas....

...but it wasn't long before the festivities started to fester. Unfortunately our New Years Eve plans involve staying home and caring for a sick baby. These last few days we've all been struck with a nasty stomach virus - Lalie being the last to come down with it. Hopefully we can leave the dreaded lergy behind in 2011 and bring in the new year feeling fresh and healthy. 

Do you have any exciting or not-so-exciting plans? I'd love to hear!  

Wishing you all a healthy and happy New Year!

- These photos represent only half of the day(!), and only half of the gorgeous family we spent it with. Photographer got a bit lazy after lunch!
- Don't mind the wispy tree - a roadside find - what it lacked in appearance it made up for in aromatics. Paddy tells me it's all about the nostalgic pine-y freshness.
- For those who are interested, Lalie's jumpsuit is a handmade vintage number :)


  1. You have such a lovely way of capturing pieces of your world. You have great taste!

  2. bout bloody time we get a new post from you ;)

    Sad to hear you have been sick (but it could help your Tim cause, no? ;)).

    Stunning photos my friend, you MUST teach me to use photo shop when you are here.


  3. Your piping efforts look as hopeless as mine! lol ;) Bet it still tasted great!

  4. Gorgeous pics indeed and I love that wispy tree. Lalie looks so sweet!

    Our new years plans involve dinner at our favourite Sushi restaurant followed drinks and nibblies on my sisters cottage patio, while possibly catching a glimpse of the City fireworks.

    Hope you are feeling better and have a happy new year! :)

  5. Wow Claire, your Xmas looks and sounds like it was just perfect!

    No big plans for us this New Years, we'll be welcoming it in quietly with our children :)

    Get well soon


  6. beautiful pics claire. i'm sorry your year is ending on a low - ours too with all our 3 sick.. eldest recovering from pneumonia, middle with nasty virus and conjunctivitis, and small with snotty virus. our plans were cancelled and we are staying indoors and out of the heat. the kids will be asleep early and if I make it to midnight, it will probably be spent watching the end of Sex and The City! incredibly exciting.. hope lalie picks up soon x

  7. You definitely look joyous on Christmas. No stress at all.

    Have a wonderful new year!

  8. Claire!

    Everything is of course, just so beautiful :)

    And you should be proud of your first year of parenting coming to an end, because you've done a wonderful job of raising your little person!

    I'm so sorry to hear that you're sick - maybe you & husbie can skip the need to see in midnight, & head to bed early?

    I know it sounds lame, but last year Max was 4 weeks old on new year's eve, & Dave & I were in bed at 8.30pm ;)

    It was AMAZING!

    Lots of love, & the happiest 2012 to you :)

  9. So beautiful Claire. Sounds like a perfect first Christmas for little Lalie.
    Sorry you have all been unwell. Here's to the new year. xx

  10. Such beautiful photos of your day Claire and Lalie got some gorgeous gifts there too by the looks of things. I hope everyone feels better soon. May the new year be a great one for all of you. xxx

  11. Oh your Christmas photos are stunning Claire, beautiful hues of red dotted throughout, I love it! Your darling Lalie looked pretty as a picture and I'm so sorry to hear she is poorly for New Year's :o(
    Here's to good health for 2012, Happy New Year to you :o) xo

  12. Oh Claire, it's just all so bloody gorgeous. The presents, the tree, the vintage jumpsuit. And I hope we're getting more of a sneak peak into your home when Tim visits? I feel there may be some serious interior jealousy occurring...

    Hope poor little Lalie is feeling better soon, and you guys are OK now too. Happy New Year dude xxx

  13. such gorgeous photos, I love Lalie's toys, esspecially the wooden bunny. looks like a perfect day, sorry to hear you haven't been well since.

  14. you do christmas beautifully. well wishes. x

  15. all looks totally gorgeous to me. sorry to hear you've all been unwell, but wish you an awesome new year. x

  16. Everything is beautiful, as to be expected! Just love all the red and white x

  17. absolutely fabulous. lalie looks delightful and your christmas spread? delicious! you are so inspiring, just incase you didn't know. feel better soon and happy new year! xxx

  18. Oh that little girl of yours is such a beauty!! And that suit is just to die for. It looks like you had a gorgeous Aussie christmas, I hope you have a wonderful New Years! xx

  19. sending many get well vibes your way. your christmas looks like pure magic, as does that sweet red and white romper. lucky little style keeper! happy 2012, x ashley

  20. Hope that you all felt better to bring in the New Year. Such beautiful pictures- Your wee one is so sweet. Jo x

  21. Happy new year Claire - I have no doubt 2012 will be just wonderful for you and your gorgeous family.
    Here's to lots of fun x

  22. Beautiful family, photos and memories. Sending prayers of love, health and happiness to you and your family for this new year. xx

  23. Hi dude, just to let you know that the app we were both admiring on KitandNancy is called FotoFrame!! Bron told me& it's blinking cool! Xxx

  24. These photos - so so beautiful. I covet your CWA cookbook...and hope you feel better soon. Gastro sucks dog balls.

  25. I missed this post. You're Christmas looked amazing Claire! What a beautiful first Christmas for Lalie.
    I was with you on the stress and anxiety part. December totally sucked for me.
    I hope everyone is fully well now.
    Happy 2012 to you xo

  26. 1. The people in your house give good pressies!! I love the wooden toys for La'lie.
    2. The wrapping is lovely.
    3. How about some receipe's for that yummy food.

  27. Your blog immediately captivated me. So simple and sweet. I kinda took two hours to look at ALL the posts pictures. Didnt read it all, but alll lovely pictures. Love your style! Can I borrow it when I cant figure out what to do with my second-hand store finds?

    -From the States


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