Wednesday, 21 December 2011

On the twelfth day of Christmas, Hannah Logan sent to me
'09 Vintage Cuvée,
'11 Savignon Blanc,
'10 Chardonnay,
'11 'Hannah' Rosé,
'10 Pinot Noir,
'09 Cabernet Merlot,
'09 Shiraz,
'11 Pinot Gris,
'11 Reisling,
'11 Gewürztraminer,
'09 Merlot,
'09 Shiraz Viognier,
And it was all packaged so very perfectly!

The extremely generous folk at Logan Wines have sent us the most amazing gift - a selection of their beautiful wine to sample over the silly season! And the timing couldn't be better - with all this pre-christmas madness, I'm about ready to dive into that Rosé.

This is the kind of wine you drink with your eyes first - elegantly shaped bottles adorned with tactile labels featuring images of the most exquisite embroideries and whimsical illustrations. These wines are certainly dressed to impress, and from my own previous experiences drinking this brand of wine, I can already tell you that the flavour does not disappoint. But don't quote me on that just yet - I've got twelve bottles to get through before I can give a final assessment ;)


  1. how lucky are you?! i'd love a glass of the 09 merlot x

  2. Those bottles look so enticing that I wish I drank wine!

  3. I think the design and labelling is simply perfect, i love the logan script. lucky girl Claire. Enjoy!


  4. Hannah LoganDecember 21, 2011

    Hello Claire,
    What a gorgeous post. Thank you.
    Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas. Will be extra special being the babe's first!x

  5. Check out you and Anna, you lucky ladies!! Enjoy all that wine drinking! *gulp*

  6. What a gift - hope you get to enjoy them with some great friends and family over the Christmas break.
    And seriously, how wonderful are those labels!!

  7. When I'm not sure what I fancy, I select both books and wines by their labels and I'm sure I'm not alone. These are truly gorgeous wines and I too, haven't yet tasted them!

  8. Um...FABULOUS! And I am JEALOUS! I love their wines and of course only ever tried them because of that fabulous design on their labels. I hope you enjoy them all you lucky duck! Oh, and Merry Christmas x

  9. Jealous, lucky, sweet, drunk, fun, hiccups, hangover. All words that come to mind. Mostly jealous. I've had a few doozie hangovers lately - not so great with a kid! Enjoy. xx

  10. Gorgeous wines!
    Happy holidays dear Claire, enjoy every moment while you sip your wine :)


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