Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Thanks for all the blanket love on my last post. I'm still pinching myself. Although it's kind of ironic that I scored a knitted blanket during a heatwave. Any other knitted blanket and I couldn't even bear to look at it. But I'll quite happily stare at this piece of 'art' (as categorised by Anna and her friend Jill) while I swelter in 35+ degree temperatures and 98% humidity. It's not fair is it? You're probably freezing and could really do with a knitted blanket... Oh well.

(Geez, I'm getting a bit cheeky 'round here lately...)

We've been keeping cool by swimming at Nanna's house with Lalie's cousins. Any other outings involve swift transfers from air-conditioned house to air-conditioned car to air-conditioned shopping center. Not exactly my idea of fun, but that AC is essential.

Oh, and speaking of Lalie's Nanna... how's this for six degrees of separation? I've just realised that Zoe - the designer of the sweet Hollie Hobbie dress in my last post - is a reader of my blog! When she saw Lalie in her adorable 'Pretty Pickings' creation, she linked back to me on her facebook page - where Celia from Shorties spotted it and got in touch with Zoe saying that Eulalie's Nanna (who's in Sydney on holiday) had been in the Shorties store over the weekend! (Cat's out of the bag, Nanna!). So now we've been mentioned on the Shorties facebook page too! Are you following? No? Me neither... but isn't it a funny little world?  

Now do yourself a favour and pop over to Shorties and Pretty Pickings. Super cute, stylish, delightful childrens wear and accessories! 


  1. i have a blanket obsession!
    great pics!!! <3

  2. you've got me all confused cabbage. but they are cute bottoms


  3. What happy water babies :) x it's a small world isn't it?

  4. You may be cheeky but the nicest kind of cheeky!

    Love hangin with the cousins - looks like lots of fun.

  5. Just gorgeous those photos are Claire, so happy and cool! And yes, very cheeky, considering we haven't had too many days over 20 this month :o(
    But pleased someone, somewhere is enjoying an Aussie Summer :o) xo

  6. Beautiful water babies. And I'm loving the cheek. Check out the attitude lady xx

  7. Thanks for the links. I'm in the UK but it's great to know of cool places to order kids clothes for out relatives over where you are!

  8. lychees and mangoes and 7 degrees of separation, oh my! the fruit look scrumptious. lucky lalie, x ashley

  9. oooh gorgeous pics, love the processing!!!

    so glad I found your blog xox


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