Wednesday, 7 December 2011

A few little op-shop finds are putting me in the Christmas Spirit. A vintage baby deer reindeer adorned with metallic gold spots - perfect timing for baby's first Christmas. A book of antique sheet music has my gift wrapping sorted*... and the Indian beaded throw underneath? So beautifully festive and makes for the perfect table runner. We've yet to put up the tree but I've started hanging a few garlands and switching on the fairy lights to bring a bit of magic into the home.

The wet season is upon us and Lalie is fascinated by these little wet drops falling from the sky. She watches with curiosity out our bedroom window, and I smile at the thought of babies experiencing their first snow, somewhere far up there in that place they call the Northern Hemisphere.

Oh, and with the pitter-patter of rain on our tin roof comes the pitter-patter of tiny feet on the floorboards. Lalie is starting to take her first steps - only three or four - she stumbles towards me with her enormous grin and twinkling eyes... and dives into my arms. Pure magic.

Are you feeling festive yet? What are your plans this year?

* Gift wrapping sorted, now just for the actual gifts...

* Please excuse the iphone photos, but I've temporarily lost my enthusiasm for fussing about with my big camera. It's either these or nothing!


  1. Oh I love the iPhone photos, they are so magical and dreamy in their own way. do you have an instagram account?

  2. Walking! Yay Lalie! Looks like the christmas spirit is well and truly in full swing in far north queensland. First christmas together as a family, how special. Kellie xx PS LOVE your wrapping idea.

  3. Gorgeous wish we were able to decorate this year!
    How exciting that Lalie's started walking.

  4. wow your photos look so christmasy and even snowy! Beautiful as always.


  5. i am so NOT feeling festive yet (i blame it on being canadian and living in australia, christmas here is just so... different) but i appreciate your festivities! and yay eulalie for walking!

  6. gorgeous photos... so dreamy. Feels like another era. yay for first Christmases and first steps!

  7. I love that something as natural and simple as the rain has the ability to entertain for ages :)

    Go Lalie go!!

    We are slowly getting our festive mojo on.


  8. That all just looks like magic, Claire. And I just want to grab that little Bonds bottom and give it a smooch!! x

  9. First steps ... that's so exciting!
    We are starting to get very festive.
    The tree is up, the garlands are out, santa toys are being played with, lights are on.
    No presents sorted though - better get a wriggle on.

  10. Oh Lalie, you wonderful little creature. true mothering magic, cabbage.

    Doing christmas like a true stylist, no surprises there. But tell me, who the HELL would throw out a ceramic metallic spotted deer? Insanity


  11. Oh so dreamy. Lovely and festive Claire!
    We're hosting this year. Fun! I can't wait xx
    ps. clever walking Eulalie :)

  12. go Lalie! great finds, were slowly getting into the spirit here. xx

  13. Wow Claire, your post is along similar lines to my post today. Until this week I had definitely lost my festive mojo... but as it turns out, it just hadn't dawned on me for Christmas 2011 yet :o)
    We did some decorating, with LOTS of fairy lights too. No tree though, far too dicey with Mr 17 months old tottering around.
    Love your pics, that baby 'rein'deer it totally gorgeous, as is the sheet music AND that beautiful little Lalie girl peering through the shutters... melt :o) xo

  14. Walking! My goodness, It all happens so fast. My heart skipped a beat seeing the picture of Eulalie peeking through the blind. All these special moments are magical.

  15. Hurrah for baby steps!

    Love the dear – it looks huge?! Or is that clever photographic trickery?

    Either way, that's a rad score. xx

    ps. bah humbug ;)

  16. I can't even tell you how wondeful I think that picture of your daughter is! What a beautiful, sweet picture! Love it!

  17. How exciting is it to see those first few steps?!! Also, to have your first Christmas as a mum? Such a beautiful time. Enjoy.

  18. Yay for first steps! Just before Christmas too. Your photos are magical by the way x

  19. love that picture of her stickybeaking out the window.

    Sometimes I squirt the windows with the hose because Bay can stare at the water dripping down for ages.

    How lovely Lalie has started taking first steps. It's so special that you are there to see it.

  20. I love seeing little babies in wondersuits they are oh so adorable. Lalie looks so cute standing there looking outside, such a bright little button you have. xx

  21. That garland is gorgeous - have you had it for a while?


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