Monday, 28 November 2011

Why, hello there! I didn't intend on staying away for a whole week, but doesn't time just fly - especially at this time of year?

This past week presented it's fair share of challenges. Most worthy of mention being the day that the steering in my car failed as I was driving. The wheel just started spinning. No tension, no resistance, nothing. It just spun around in front of me like a pinwheel in the breeze. Luckily, we were driving very slowly in a shopping centre carpark, so the vehicle and it's passengers (Lalie and I) managed to come out physically unscathed. I was a bit of an emotional wreck, mind you. I couldn't stop my mind from wandering to thoughts of 'what could have been'... and it shook me up a little. But we're all okay and the car has been repaired under warranty.

Apart from a few additional worries - nothing too serious, mostly financial - I've been feeling really positive. As I said in my last post, I've been eating really well and I'm enjoying the benefits that come with looking after yourself. Simply by losing a little weight, I've rekindled my interest in fashion and am starting to take more pride in my appearance. And God it feels good to be me again. We've had such a huge couple of years - moving back to our hometown and leaving a creative career behind, having a baby, experiencing the loss of a family member and a friend. Sometimes you don't realise what a huge effect these profound changes can have on your physical, mental and emotional health. And you can go on for so long feeling so damn mediocre, that it just becomes your reality - normal, even. And it's not until you feel good again that you realise how far off course you were.

So at the risk of sounding completely frivolous, this Mumma is dusting off her Miu Miu and getting reacquainted with her old self. Because it's wonderful being Mum, but it's also pretty great being Claire as well. And I kind of forgot about her for a minute there.

1. Salad of tomatoes, tuna, olives, red onion, basil and borlotti beans.
2. New Gorman sandals, a gift from my beautiful sister Stephanie.
3. A selection of 'non-nappy' bags by the front door.
4. Fashion magazines, oh how I've missed you.


  1. sheesh, hello beautiful things belonging to beautiful Claire. Nurturing YOU is oh so important. You can't be a good Muma if you're not good to yourself.

    As for your car, my gosh, you don't even want to think about those 'what ifs' do you?

    I've had my eye on those sandals...and the entire Gorman collection.

    Love to you this Monday x

  2. ps. as for the additional financial worries....you are not alone my friend! x

  3. wow. glad you guys are safe, what a traumatic experience.

    Love the contrast of the white sandals against your beautiful rug. all your pictures are lovely.

    I am curious about your work as a stylist, if you ever care to share, I don't have the faintest idea what it entails. :)

    Hope the rest of this busy holiday season finds you well. I have never seen Christmas through the eyes of the southern hemisphere. No snow is completely foreign to me so I look forward to whatever you have to share.

  4. It's kind of nice to come out of the baby haze and feel almost like your old self again. So sorry to hear about your steering. We had some car issues here too this week. And the financial stress that goes along with that. I think I need some new sandles too :)

  5. you have always been fabulous!


  6. It's ALL wonderful. Especially YOU x

  7. Congrats on the weight loss Claire! You totally deserve to wear your fabulous Miu Miu's.

    I know exactly what you mean about losing yourself a bit after having a baby. I quit my job after my daughter was born and it has been a struggle ever since. But we get back on track eventually.

    Keep up the good work. Being a mom - er...mum - is hard.


  8. I know exactly how you feel! Just buying new nail polish today made me feel more like my old self again. Being pregnant with Cohen and then breastfeeding I kind of gave up on clothes for awhile. I only really realised how much so being pregnant this time around and living in the same dress and skirt all the time. I am endeavoring to make more effort and have even thrifted a couple of things for after the baby is born. :)

  9. hooray for the new you (and hooray for the old you too, i liked her as well). i can see the spring in your step and the twinkle in your eye, even from all the way over here.

    xo rachel xo

  10. oh love those sandals. and also your copy of to kill a mockingbird. i have the exact same one, and its all creased at the edges like yours too. x

  11. it's the perfect mind space. isn't it? x

  12. Talk about a 'what if?' moment! So glad all's well that ends well. x

  13. I think it's the time of the year (financial worries).

    I have tossed & turned every night for the last fortnight, & it's got nothing to do with a baby who wakes over night, because he damn well sleeps :)

    It's the moo-la. Why does the world have to revolve around the moo-la?!

    Enjoy your former self :) it's nice to get reaquainted, isn't it?


  14. Loving your shoes - what a lovely sister (but then I have no doubt that you are gorgeous to her as well!!)

    As for the car - far out. Cant even imagine how that must have been for you. Happy to know that you are all ok.

  15. Claire that sounds horrific – I'm so relived to hear that you're all ok. Those what if thoughts can shake you to the bone... the fear and dread they spur are indescribable.

    but on a happier note – i'm glad to see you're finding you again. i've only recently started giving a crap about how I dress too and now i find it a fun part of the day.

    lovely photos and i love your gorman sandlas BUT those hasbeens have been on my wishlist for aaaaaages. you just reminded me of them! only thing is – where would i wear them? that's the one thing stopping me forking out the cash, besides the obvious lack of cash, that is.


    ps. sorry. for some reason i always leave long comments on your blog.

  16. Those sandals & that salad both look delish!

  17. Oh gosh Claire. Glad you guys are safe. xx

    Love everything in those pics. Have those Hasbeens. Only shoes with height that don't make me walk like a man in heels. And that leather satchel. Crackin.

  18. So happy to hear you lovely girls are ok. Scary stuff, even when you're fine.

    And beautiful pictures Claire, of very pretty things that make me jealous. Awesome that you're getting back to feeling yourself and rocking the Miu Miu. We need more pictures. xx

  19. Well done on reaching the other side, for all counts.
    What a scary experience in the car, those moments literally rattle us to the core and quite often change the way we approach other parts of our life. So glad you're both ok :o)
    Enjoy being you Claire xo

  20. i am so thankful you are alright! i cant imagine being on the highway or something when you car did that!!!
    ps, i totally know what you mean about being back to your old self. my son is over 2 years old, and just a few weeks ago, i have found my old self! I am so happy, and care a lot more about my appearance, again!!

  21. How horrible about your car. That would have been terrifying! Glad it was in a carpark at slow speed.

    Thank you for mentioning your financial worries. We all have them ... it's often reading blogs that gets me down because they seem to 'have it all', even though I know that most people post about the good stuff. Your honesty is refreshing.

    Miss-B ... I've found your blog through the beetle shack and will be a long time reader!

  22. It's such a good feeling "to be back" isn't it, to yourself. I'm so happy that you're feeling pretty good. I tried those sandals on last week (in yellow - I think). Love them. Love love love the rug you're standing on too. In fact, I love everything. Except the part about the car, of course, which sounds dreadful. I can sympathise with the financial stress. Bloody sucks. Kellie xx

  23. Oh Claire I love your blog! Glad you guys are ok . This post was just what I needed to inspire some me time and focus. Thank you and so happy for you that you found.. well some more of you again.

  24. That would've been terribly frightening!
    Eating well does make such a big difference - even just knowing you've been eating well, I think. Thanks for inspiring me to get back into good habits myself.
    Loving your blog.
    Ronnie xo

  25. Good golly, what a scary incident the steering wheel failing must have been!! You sound really positive and happy :) I know what you mean about wanting to make more ofan effort with your appearance - something I need to after being pregnant for pretty much all of this year :)

  26. Love that rug. And love this post, too. I haven't yet figured out how to balance "Me" with "Mommy." It's been 15 months! I hope that it gets smoother soon.

  27. Whoa the sight makes me crave for a salad serving right now. Love the cute sandals, just perfect for great moments.

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  28. I've just discovered your gorgeous blog and noticed things we have in common. I'm looking forward to going back through your past posts and learning about your ups - and downs!

    I too moved from Adelaide Australia were I was pursuing volunteer work in Auslan (Australian Sign Language) where I met my wonderful friend who I blog with, back to my hometown Sydney, to have a little baby! Only Max(Maxwell) is about 6 months old. So with a few things - I FEEL YA!

    I started my blog bybande to keep inspired through these times where life seems to creep ontop of any creative outlet, andd to keep up with my artist and another vintage lover friend Elishia from Adelaide. I hope you can have a peek at our blog and that you like it the way I like (beginning to Love) your's .

    Well off to meet Eulalie!




  29. Claire! Sheesh..sounds like a very narrow escape. So glad to hear and see that you are not only safe but well too and feeling positive about things.
    Can we look forward to some 'what I wore' posts coming up soon then eh?! xx

  30. Glad you're ok. Sheesh!
    Love the snadals, I've been thinking of ordering but have to do so online...in N.Z.
    How's the fit? Small/Big? It'd be a great help.
    Love the blog.
    And everyone has money worries, you just have to file them away in a different part of your brain so their not always your first thoughts.


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