Tuesday, 4 October 2011

With our second wedding anniversary approaching, I thought I'd share with you this beautiful song - our song. Esther Phillips' covering The Beatles 'And I love her'. We hired a live jazz/folk band to play at our wedding and the vocalist performed this so beautifully. The original is incredible, too - but this version was better suited to our band. I love that there's two versions. One for 'him' and one for 'her'. Kinda cheesy but lovely all the same.

Please excuse the video/audio quality, but I thought you'd prefer to watch a performance over a tacky slideshow of images.

...and the original version...


  1. Ooh I love her bluesy voice :)
    We celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary in April and are approaching 20yrs together next week.


  2. I love the pace of this song. Both are wonderful versions. Congratulations on your upcoming anniversary xoxo

  3. How lovely. Our second anniversary is tomorrow, looking forward to a bit of romance and a date night. Enjoy yours, whatever you do.

  4. Thank you for sharing your song with us:) I think it's sweet how there are two versions of the song. Congratulations on two years coming up for the two of you. I hope the two of you get to go out and celebrate. xo

  5. Wow. This is exactly how I sound when I sing this song to Elke. Uncanny. ;-)

  6. Happy anniversary! Mark and I are celebrating two years later this month also :)


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