Monday, 12 September 2011

How on earth could we have missed the toadstools??? We just had to go back and have ourselves some fun amongst the funghi after seeing this little installation in the newspaper.

P.S - Completely random and unrelated (and deserving of this smaller type) but I can't get the word(?) Snakadaktal out of my head, thanks to this band - Triple J's unearthed high winner, who claim their band name is a fusion of the words snake and teradaktil. Yes, insanely weird... but surprisingly fun to say. It's being used in this household to refer to meals, as in "I'm starved, I need a snakadaktal!". Try it, you'll love it.


  1. I'd love to have a backyard to fill with those toadstools. I wonder if I can take a snakadaktal on the plane?

  2. Such a magical sight!!

    I wonder if snakadaktal can be applied to children that try to worm their way out of everything :)


  3. Delurking to say Lalie's hat is simply gorgeous!!
    Snakadaktal's name sticks in my head too, as does their music, especially their sweet second song.
    I adore your posts!

    Elise xo

  4. lalie's hat is snakataktalin'

  5. They are awesome! How fun :)

  6. My weekend was so snakadaktal!!

  7. How gorgeous and fun are they! Adorable!

  8. Claire!!!

    we sould be drinking tea and talking baby clothes. Blogging is not enough.


    where did you get the bubba hat? its perfection!

  9. snakadaktal! love me some fungi! and lelie does look like she is enjoying them. gorgeous photos, as always. xx


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