Monday, 29 August 2011

I think summer might be back again already. It's been high twenties for the last few days and really humid. The beautiful weather we've had for the last few months has been really deceiving. I forgot how brutal a tropical summer can be. I'm already feeling it. There's always pros and cons to any most situations, though...

PRO -Lalie being able to wear minimal clothing, revealing her delicious milky skin and chubby folds (as seen above).
CON- Me having to wear minimal clothing,  revealing a neglected complexion and chubby folds (shan't be seen anywhere on this blog).
PRO - Swimming! At the pool. At the beach. Grandma's and Nana's house, too!
CON - Torrential rain. Tonnes of it. Weeks and weeks of it. Soggy mess = confined indoors.
PRO - Thunderstorms. Enormous, grumbling, cracking, thrilling displays of Nature's force. I love them. Will Lalie? Hmmm...
CON - Bugs, mosquitoes and other undesirables. Especially mosquitoes*. Useless, bloodsucking vermin who seem to love Lalie's delicate skin (carnage seen above). Poor darling.
PRO - Fruit. Delicious, local fruit. Sweet and juicy and cheap.
CON - Electricity bills. Full time air conditioning is absolutely essential during some months. Not Cheap.
PRO - Vintage rompers - yay, finally!

You'd think after a blogging break I'd have something more interesting than the weather to talk about. Apparently not. But Anna reckons everyone's doing it, So I don't feel so bad. I'll ride that bandwagon, too.

* Does anyone have any advice or recommendations for a safe, natural insect repellent for babies? You guys are good with advice. See that teething necklace? Was it your idea? Thank you.


  1. I couldn't live in that climate - I'd be a miserable whinging mess. But a fluro pink pool and vintage romper might convince me! Guess who has a lot of vintage rompers just waiting for warm days and chubby rolls? X

  2. Email Meagan ecomilf@me.com re. Repellant. I emailed her today re. Cradle cap. She's the queen of all things natural x

  3. oh boy, i second jodi's comment. i barely make it through sydney's summer (BARELY) so i don't know how you do it! i'm already wearing shorts and dresses :) good luck to you and Lalie! x

  4. Poor Lalie the mozzies like me too, I hear they particularly like us pale ones. Unfortunately I don't know any natural remedies, so I'll be checking back to see if anyone has any suggestions. Also I love the romper and amber necklace.

  5. I'd love to hear how that teething necklace is working for you. We are in a world of teething trouble over here...

  6. I could actually do with a bit of that warmth at the moment...we are still rugging up.
    Gorgeous romper..I made my little man a few pair last summer and they really helped to keep him cool.
    Hope you get some repellant advice :)

  7. LOVE that romper! Just gorgeous!

    I am such a whinger when it comes to humidity - I don't know how you do it! My Scottish-heritage husband is even worse. Luckily we live in Adelaide where humid days are rare :)

    I really must invest in a fluro pink pool and colourful balls for Everly - she would love it come summertime! Love the playmat too - we have floorboards with no rugs or carpet so I will need to get something like this when she starts crawling. Do you think I'd be able to find something similar in Adelaide?

  8. @ jodi - thank you for the contact! Can't wait to see Poet parading around in rompers and rolls :)

    @ Joanna - teething necklace is brand new. Will let you know how it goes!

    @ Jess - the floor mats were from babies Galore which I think has now changed to mothercare... give them a try!

  9. Ha, blogging about the weather? All the cool kids are doing it!

    Hmmm, I don't really have any tips. I have a natural insect repellent that I bought from the Health Food shop. I'm sure they'd have something similiar in that tropical paradise you guys call home.

    Love your overalls Lalie bird. xx

  10. have you tried lavender oil? i'd dilute a few drops in a carrier oil or lotion first. it's also good to put on the bites. smells pretty good too!

  11. This was a fun post to read! even if it´s just about the wheather! you seem like you´re in a very happy place. :)

  12. A home-made spray we have used for insect repellent:

    1tsp citronella oil
    1tsp lemongrass oil
    1tsp eucaluptus oil
    1 cup witch hazel

    Put all in a spray bottle, spray lightly on skin and avoid eyes, nose and mouth.(via The Rythm of the Family by Amanda Blake Soule)

    Funny about the rocking chair! I was hoping it was a limited- edition - one- off antique chair! Clearly not!

    Jade x

  13. Hi! I am a new follower, just looking back at some of your older posts. So lovely. Your little bundle is super cute. Congratulations. Lavender Oil is good for an insect repellent...dilute it first a bit though. xx

  14. LOVE the romper. And that milky skin. Bought an amazing vintage romper in a charity shop for 50p a couple of weeks ago, on the off chance it's a girl. Even though we think it's a boy. Now i've written it that sounds a bit mental. Ha!

    Anyway, Lalie, you're too cute xx

  15. Such a gorgeous girl. In a gorgeous romper!

    I am interested in finding a natural repellent also, so will be reading all comments! x

  16. How fun are those colours? How red is that itchy bite? How unreal is that romper? HOW CUTE IS THAT BABY??? Kellie xx

  17. oooh thanks for that little recipe, Jade. And lavender seems to be the 'go to' product here. Thanks lovelies x

  18. Best advice for raising children in the tropics & avoiding mosquitoes is the same insect repellant my husband uses - ME!! Mosquitoes find me, i'll get eaten up a storm while my husband & 4 northern territorian born babies are all bite free. Want me to visit, it's still chilly in Darwin!! Love Posie

  19. adorabubble

  20. gorgeous! love the romper :) there is something about vintage baby clothes! i have no children yet but have still managed to collect two crates full of flannelette shirts, little cotton dresses and rompers! eek! i just can't seem to leave them sitting at the op shop... seems like such a waste!

    kel :)


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