five smiles

Friday, 29 July 2011

husband-made tarts (more on these bad boys soon)...
cuddles with Grandma...

...and Daddy, too...

hanging out with the pack...
and meeting new and fascinating creatures.

Hope your weekend is a happy one! xx


  1. Great pics. Love all the creatures on that cute print blankie.

  2. Bourke St Bakery ginger brûlée tarts.. How I want to eat you all up. Please tell me that didn't taste as good as they look?! Ah man, Lalie is so damn cute. Does she ever stop smiling?

    Have a lovely weekend Claire xx

  3. I just had to have a smile looking at Lalie's mischievous expressions. Adorable!

  4. Hmm, those tarts look yummy! Have a lovely weekend sweet Claire. Bises xx

  5. AnonymousJuly 29, 2011

    You certainly can't not smile at these images....gorgeous!

  6. oh man. as if i weren't already jealous of your perfect little butterball, now i am seriously jealous of your tart-making husband!

  7. eep...i love that last photos. the colors, the image, her little face. gorgeous.

  8. The picture of your husband and baby melts my heart!!

  9. DAMN those tarts look incredible. And exactly like the picture, which is amazing (in my baking book anyway). All beautiful photos, but especially love Lalie cuddling Grandma. You can tell she's smiling! Have a great weekend guys. The sun is out here and spirits are high. Kellie xx

  10. Those tarts are making me hungry. I adore the look on Eulalie's face in the shot with the chook!

  11. AnonymousJuly 31, 2011

    gorgeous photos!
    I'm very impressed your husband bakes!
    Look the shot of Lalie staking out the chook!

  12. All looks so lovely .. and yum!

  13. lovely photos! i especially love the one of lalie and the puppies... our labrador is yet to understand the meaning of calm around small children!

    Kel x

  14. oh my, those tarts look too good to be true...glad you'll be returning with more on those...even if it is just more pictures! (although I'm hoping desperately it's the recipe)


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