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Monday, 11 July 2011

So much for this being a weekly thing. Over ambitious as always - never mind. Here's some happy things to start the week.

Oh, and to anyone who has come to visit me via the ever lovely Em at The Beetle Shack... hello, It's so nice to have you here!

Cute retro rompers (bring on Summer!).

Daddy's shoulders sure beat the bumbo.

Sun shining on a cute, colourful table.

Overspending on pretty petals.

Polka-dots, flowers and stripes, oh my!

Just a heads up - my next post will be my 100th...and I've got a little surprise in store. Stay tuned! xx


  1. omg, super cute rompers!
    and can I ask you where you got her adorable shoes? take care :)

  2. Hey Claudia, the little shoes are by an Australian brand called Heidi Walks (google, they have a website!). I got them at a store called Shorties in Sydney... they're the best. She wears them all the time, they don't fall off and they go with basically everything!

  3. those little retro sunsuits are absolutely adorable. Might need to hunt around for one on Etsy for Violet. Your little girl is just the cutest in her tights and shoes.

  4. you should see the vintage baby girl's clothes i have stashed away just in case this belly results in a girl. those rompers are mighty cute, as are the polka-dots, flowers and stripes.

    you got to 100 quickly! go you x

  5. Thank you for the info! I looked at all the sites and the 6-9 size (right now, in Canada, it is way too hot for shoes) is pretty much sold out :(

    Maybe they will come back in the fall (um, but it will be spring for you).

    Have a lovely week. xox

  6. Those rompers are ridiculously cute. But what do you mean, bring on Summer? You guys live in Townsville. Isn't it always summer up there?!


  7. AnonymousJuly 11, 2011

    What a delightful blog :)

    My daughter had similar rompers when she was adorable and so hard to find these days.

    Absolutely love those petals...what are they?


  8. cutest pictures ever.

  9. Hey guys I believe these big pom pom flowers are called allium... at least that's what google seems to think :) x

  10. Lots to smile about here Claire:) Those rompers are so sweet, perfect for your little poppet to crawl around it and keep cool when summer arrives, what gorgeous finds. I'm loving your table and those flowers are beautiful, definitely worth the overspend. xo

  11. Gorgeous photos of such precious things. Those rompers are gorgeous!

  12. Those suits are ridiculously cute and I love the flowers, I'm trying to find some of those onion plants for my garden :)

  13. that's an awful lot of pretty!

    loving that colourful chippy paint table. . . . and little legs in stripes!

    rachel xo

  14. cutest little legs ever! all of the photos are gorgeous actually!

    p.s. i like your hair! mine is way too long, i'm so overdue for a haircut :)

  15. Fabulous rompers, and fabulous baby of course!

  16. I stumbled upon your blog at Aux Petits oiseaux, I just have to say, your blog is gorgeous, your baby as well!! I'm glad I found it!

  17. um, excuse me- i have been waiting with baited breath for this 100 surprise post.... how much longer will i have these sleepless nights? Thats right- its not Olive waking me in the night.... its the bloody excitement!

    xo ;) em

  18. oh my heavens, i love the babies shoes!! Beautiful blog, beautiful pictures!


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