Wednesday, 27 July 2011

"I don't want to see anything crafty!", my fancy pants fashion illustration teacher at my fancy pants design school would sternly warn us when handing out assignments. "I want polish, you hear?".

"Yes, Sue."

So as you can imagine, one thing design school didn't teach me was how to be a crafty minx. Shame, because now that I'm a Mum, some seriously crafty tendencies have started creeping in. You should see Lalie's room (and you will soon, I promise...because I have to keep up with the Jones' X two), it's a total craft fest! Sue would be horrified. I went crazy unleashing years of pent up crafty urges... and it felt sooo good, even if her nursery is kind of like Luna Park on steroids. A far cry from the 'less is more approach' drummed into us at college.  But it has character... and heart. And I heart that.

Anyway, I digress. I found this handmade baby dress at an op-shop for fifty cents. I vowed not to buy any more baby clothes, but this one lured me in with it's crafty charms. How could I resist? But when I tried it on Lalie, the proportions were all wrong! So I cut it to make it shorter (it would be a crime to conceal Lalie's delicious thigh rolls). But what to do with the rest of the cute vintage fabric and deliciously crafty crochet hem?
Ah-HA! Of course - the Royals Royce of baby craft projects - bunting! No matter how many strings of tiny flags I see, I never tire of them. They're hanging out in our room for now... until I can find a scrap of space in the nursery.  

P.S - And no, I won't be hemming the dress. That would be far too polished.


  1. Love! Love! 1.thrift 2.re-purpose 3.breaking the rules 4. leaving it just as it is(the non hem).... and lastly and best--5.the adorable little baby in front of the window!!!

  2. love. also wanted to reply to your question about Limi's coral dress......it's part of the project that i mentioned on day 522. a children's range inspired by French simplicity and Victorian English eccentricity. the dress is a prototype. so, fantastic to get good feedback :) there'll be more news very soon. xx

  3. But Claire, you ARE a crafty minx. A craft goddess. That cut-off bunting is ingenious. No fancy pants design school can teach you that. It's inbuilt. Ha, I had the same vow but with shoes. xx

  4. Look what you did with fifty cents!! Lady that is magnificent! Kellie xx

  5. Love it. Complete genius. Good work Mama xx

  6. You are so clever and very crafty;) I love the bunting and the dress looks so sweet on Eulalie and her adorable little legs. x

  7. Gorgeous, I think it's about time I sought out the opshops

  8. hey minx, just your average Mrs Beetle Jones here! I laugh with you about design school- the art school me would have violently mocked the mumma me. buy hay, whatevs.

    love that bunting- but ive gotta say, the suspense over Lalies room is killing me!!

    xoo em

  9. AnonymousJuly 28, 2011

    Yes it would be a shame to cover up those gorgeous squidgy thighs :)
    Love what you have done with the dress and the bunting is way cute.


  10. I think you are one very clever mumma and I love that window with bunting ... gorgeous!!

  11. cuteness overload! go you crafty mama!


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