Thursday, 21 July 2011

Eulalie and I are experiencing parallel lives at the moment. We're both tired and in constant agony (my back and her gums). We both won't go to bed when we really should, even though we know it's what we need. We're both about ready to go up a size in clothing. And we're both trying to find a sense of balance, but often find ourselves falling in a heap.

Blogging and reading blogs is all consuming for me at the moment. I have quite an addictive personality and I find myself devoting far too much of my time and energy to this mouse and keyboard. I'd like you all to think I was this cool, nonchalant mother and blogger... but this is hardly the case. I hang on every comment. Refreshing the dashboard every half hour to see the latest posts from my favourite blogs. Meanwhile my house is in absolute disarray and I haven't exercised in God knows how long. I don't want to stop blogging, but I need it to take a back seat. I can't seem to find a balance. I think I need to set myself some rules. Maybe blogging once a week? Only visiting blogs once a week? I don't know...

Have any of you found yourselves in a similar situation? Is it just me or can blogging take over sometimes? If you've struck a balance, tell me your secrets!

P.S - I'm not kidding about the teething. See that string of drool in the first picture? That's Lalie's permanent accessory. Lucky the (non)colour of drool goes with pretty much everything.

P.P.S - Last day to enter.


  1. First, I love the second photo her face is so precious.
    I'm afraid I can't say much about balance. Blogs are my adult company at the moment, so inconstantly refreshing and looking for something to read. I think you have balance when your baby is getting the attention they need. Noone wants to do housework!

  2. we just moved from the midwest to the southwest usa and didn't have the internet for almost 3 weeks. at first i found myself thinking about it all-addictive-like, and then soon i felt so incredible! like i was living every moment! not so tied down! like i could breathe better! and my family and home got way more attention. now we've got internet back and i am checking things way too often. i don't know how to balance. i think for me, the solution would be not having internet at home, but that is a major step in these times... i have no good advice for you, just some empathy. :)

  3. I think it's really great to have something to do to give you some joy and focus on that's separate from the lovely Lalie, which takes your mind off the fact that you are far too tired to get up to clean the house! Be kind to yourself lady, what you're going through is bloody hard. Chronic lack of sleep and a bad back? Sucks. Kellie xx PS Please please PLEASE don't give up blogging! I love this blog!

  4. PS I love the look on Lalie's face in those photos! Has she learnt how to 'smile' already? Same face Olive does when I say smile ...

  5. oh wow you just decribed me at the moment - i think blogging like everything comes and goes, so maybe just go easy on yourself and don't set boundaries, and let 'real life' fun things take over the blogging as they most surely will.. look after yourself, hope you've got some tiger balm to rub into your back.. x

    ps. love the 2nd picture, so much!

  6. Haha! That's me, desperate for some attention from other bloggers, wishing I was as funny and witty as them and only taking pictures where you can't see the mess in the background!
    I wish I had blogs when my son was a baby. We didn't even have a computer, and we only had 1 car so I was stuck at home most of the time. He was a great baby, but I felt lonely a lot, it would have been good to have interaction with other adults going through the same thing.
    Who cares about the house? There's always washing and dishes to be done no matter how much you do! Chill and enjoy!
    Have a lovely day!
    Rach x

  7. tell me about it! i'm not so blog crazy yet, but i spend most of my spare "naptime" moments finding ways to waste my time (don't get me started on instagram). instead of, you know, doing something productive or having some "me time". i have a terribly addictive personality and having a baby has just forced me to be more creative in how i feed this addictions. it's terrible! i think if it was me (and it should be, but i'm not ready to quit!) i'd have to go cold turkey. the word moderation is not in my vocabulary.

    good luck! and your girl is gorgeous!

  8. I'm also in the "addictive personality" group! I actually control myself a bit. So I only do blog stuff 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the evening...or something like that! It is actually a "fun" little test.

  9. I`m so there and I totally have an addictive personality. I deleted my facebook recently. It`s so freeing to have no option to be on the internet at all... like going camping. I`m always striving for balance in this area. I think I`m going to try to go to bed earlier and get up earlier so I can have my internet time before the kids are up. We`ll see how that goes :)

  10. Hi Twin. We are one. Really. I too spend WAY TOOO much time on the computer, but life is all about seasons. So i remind myself that a clean house and a hot dinner does not always have to come first (but should sometimes), I am allowed to relax, drink a coffee and stalk Claire every now and again/ every single day.

    Yes, blogging can take over, but so can having a clean house, T.V (which we dont have), making art and so on.

    My mum suggested that i shouldn't blog because it takes me away from the children (thanks mum) and I reminded her that I still exist. I am Emily- i have a little brain and sometimes a little energy to spare, so i wont feel guilty.

    xo em

    P.s- don't forget that you are excellent, okay?


  11. and also, it would be pure selfishness if you did not share cute pics of Lalie with us. Blogging is a generous act from you to us (namely me). Think of your followers, you generous soul!

  12. I spot sophie the giraffe, a teething must! You're not alone with the blogging. I have to make myself shut the dam laptop down (to cool down!) for a few hours :)

  13. oh, Sophie la girafe!!!!

  14. I've been there lady. After our wedding, and the endless crafting and organising came to an end, I became a little obsessed (snap with the addictive personalities!) Re-checking them every few hours for new posts and comparing my life to theirs; was their's better, cooler, more what I wanted mine to be etc. So I chose my favourite blogs, cut down the number I followed and decided that while i'd comment on my fav's when i wanted, I would only scour the dashboard one a week. I kept my number of posts the same because I love blogging and I think it was other people's lives i needed to step back from, not my own. Now i've conquered the obsession and am way more chilled. And this has turned into a huge comment!!
    Basically, don't stop blogging, pllleeasse!! I love this space and the words you write. And the insanely cute pictures of your teeny one.

  15. I am much the same! Snap snap snap! Sometimes I feel I am turning to mush, but at the same time, the blogging world is such a nice place to be part of, and I think as mums to little ones, it does give us an escape and a chance to exist 'as one' for a while (even if our blogs are mostly about our little ones)! Don’t be hard on yourself about it. Lovely pictures :)

  16. hello lovely lady and baby. i so enjoy reading your words, even though i am not a mother (yet), i feel like i'm really learning here and it's heartwarming. i blog weekly and i get so excited to share my weekly behaviour with my followers. try gathering some photos and adventures from the week and save it up till sunday. just for one week, and see how you feel. i read blogs every night gathering a lot of inspiration during the week, some of it ground-breaking, some just simple thoughts. maybe start a journal instead for weekly happenings and choose your favourite bits for the post. your little lady is super gorgeous and i'm sure if i had something as beautiful, i'd be telling the world about it....every second! best of luck finding your happy place. xx

  17. Claire!! I understand you... I feel the guilt mount up if I sit too long reading or "just gotta get this post done"... (when in fact I never have to get a post done... there is no one relying on me to post on...Look at you, though--so many!! So many readers rely on your witty words of wisdom and your encapsulating photographs of your cuddly baby(and more)...uh, not to put the pressure on or anything...) Really, though, you are right to think of taking a break... you don't have to set an amount of time your break will run.... just one day-maybe turn the computer off. And the next day--if you feel like it, boot her up again.... or don't. I, too, have been conscious of my relationship with the computer...and I think if we can just forgive ourselves for not having every dish scrubbed, or the toys picked up or the laundry washed... and know that we give our babies enough love and attention--we are entitled to some "me" time... time to share ourselves on the internet... time to read up on what others are sharing... wow, I think I know it all, don't I.. sheesh. I have no clue... just please don't take a break forever... you will find that balance--and find it again when the world shifts as we know it often does....
    thank you for stopping by and commenting on my little post!!!

    xoxo paula

  18. PS-Lalie's photos are adorable!! She is a doll baby--and her expressions--to melt over!!

  19. Oh Claire, please don't stop blogging. I love coming here to your little space. Checking on little Lalie and reading your gorgeous words. I always leave it with a big smile on my face. Personally I think it's nice to have a creative outlet. Don't worry about housework etc. You're brain is obviously telling you it needs more stimulation. Something that doesn't involve folding laundry and watching Play School. Or is that just me? Ha!

    You'll find your groove. I stopped reading so many blogs and just focused on my faves. You'll work out a balance. As long as it doesn't involve quitting this lovely place then I'm happy!

    Have a rad weekend Claire. xx

  20. AnonymousJuly 22, 2011

    I can so relate!! I have to forcefully remove myself from the computer just so I can attend to other things that require my attention...like being a mum and wife :)
    I guess it's just finding that balance...if you find it send it my way :)



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