Sunday, 17 July 2011

We spent today snooping around the new 'mall' redevelopment in the city. It's been completely refurbished and I must say this sleepy old town is looking pretty snazzy. We stopped for a coffee at a new cafe and wandered around the markets where we managed to grab some local organic veggies - perfect for Lalie's first meal tomorrow (stay tuned)! I also scored some really cute organic baby clothes that I'll share later in the week.

It hasn't been all smiles and sunshine, though. Lalie has been teething hardcore and the last few nights have been brutal. I wish those cowardly toothy pegs would stop all this unnecessary torture and just show themselves already. I am over it.

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  1. Oh poor little girl getting her teeth through! I always wonder why does it have to hurt them? It doesn't hurt second time around, and those teeth are bigger!
    You'll have a blast seeing Eulalie's face as she experiences different tastes for the first time. Be prepared for a huge mess on face, on clothes and in hair!(Possibly up nose also!) Have fun!
    Rach x

  2. I can sympathize with the teething. Just been there! It's awful for baby and parents. They prescribe homeopathic chamomile here which helps. Those ickle shoes are adorable! and lovely bright photos x

  3. Our daughters are TWINS, twins I tell you. Olive has every single piece of clothing that Lalie is wearing- except here bebe outfit is a full bod suit with a little frill dress over the top. SO cute.

    Oh, she's teething too. not cute.


    oh about the camera over my way- i pinched my friends. they have good stuff.

  4. Heard of the amber teething necklace? Check it out. Cute pics Claire, squeezable Lalie - mmmm so cute. X

  5. oh yes. i was going to suggest an amber necklace too. same scoffed at first. . . but went on to refer to it as the "magic necklace."

  6. Sounds like a lovely day. Except the teething bit (I know it well). It’s tough! I wish their teeth would come through all at once (although it might look a little strange, and they do look extremely cute with just a few teeth). Have a good week :)

  7. AnonymousJuly 18, 2011

    I was also going to suggest the amber teething necklaces :) Our little one was a completely changed bub after wearing his....they are magic!!

  8. teething is brutal. we always knew when a new tooth was on the way because our little fella - who is generally a good sleeper - would wake up god knows how many times at night crying his eyes out because of the pain. every time that happened, a new toothie would magically appear by morning! i never used the amber necklace but friends of mine did and they swore by it. you could give it a try. here's wishing you a good start to the week, lady! xx
    ps: love your shoes and Eulalie's in these pics. groovy chicks!

  9. Her outfits are so cute. Style icon baby xx


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