Wednesday, 6 July 2011

We're still alive and well. I've been focusing on my girl a lot more over the last few days. I haven't picked up the camera. When I came across this little video snippet the other day, I was shocked at how much she's grown in such a short time. The harsh reality that she's not going to be a baby forever has dawned on me and I'm trying to drink up her beautiful babyliciousness while I can. She's at such a good age - I'm really enjoying watching her reveal her gorgeous personality to us, bit by bit. She's giggling a lot more, not just when she's startled like she used to, but when she really thinks something is funny. Paddy is so in love with her, he just keeps saying it over and over again. Like a broken record. But God it's cute.

We still sing this song to her all the time, despite her efforts early on to indicate that she clearly didn't enjoy it.  With persistence came pleasure - and now she loves it, our little version of the Chordettes "Lollipop". With Paddy and his embarrassingly high back up harmonies.

Lalie Bug, Lalie Bug, Oh Lalie Lalie Lalie.


  1. ahaha oh i love that video, the things we do to get a reaction from our tots!! and how gushy the big strong men become.

    If this was for my benefit, thanks!



  2. So funny Beet Beet - I didn't notice your comment until after I posted this! I guess I'm having bloggers block... or something.

    Hows the veggies going? our seeds have sprouted so you better watch out girlfriend. x

  3. great video!

    I hear ya about the growing up fast.
    Everyone said to me when she was first born 'they get big quick' but I remember thinking 'yeah right!!' At that point every week felt like a month!
    But now all of a sudden I have a five month old who is growing up before my very eyes- everyone was right. It's gone so so fast.

    I often find myself torn between feeling impatient for the next milestone and mourning the stage which has just passed.
    It's crazy.

  4. Awww ... what a precious video, precious song, and most of all ... a precious memory :)

    ♥ Cat brideblu

  5. Everyone in my office is laughing. I'm in hysterics. Kellie xx

  6. This video is the sweetest, your little Lalie is the sweetest!! What a lovely time when her little personality is starting to shine through!
    Enjoy every minute of her babyliciousness :)
    xoxo Natasha


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