Five Smiles

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Thank you all for your kind comments about the loss of my friend, Eirin. She will be dearly missed.

As you can imagine, I've not had a lot to smile about this week... but here are a few things keeping my chin up.Vintage flowers in frames
Tiny chubby fingers and beautiful baldy heads
Catching rays and z's on the back deck
Big hands and tiny buns
A tropical paradise called home.

Hope you all had a relaxing weekend xx


  1. Your photos are beautiful, they made me smile, all of them. I hope a new week brings you happiness and smiles. Hugs Catherine xo

  2. sorry to read about your friend.
    hope you can smile again soon, but for now these 5 smiles are absolutely beautiful.

    hugs to you Claire ♥

  3. You always take the most beautiful photographs.
    Wishing you lots of warmth and happiness this week. xx

  4. you deserve lots of smiles. x.

  5. gosh your photography is amazing. you gave me something to smile about today over at my place. thanks for being funny even when you feel crap, i think you are excellent.


  6. I love your tropical paradise.
    Take good care and have a lovely week. xox

  7. Beautiful pictures. I hope there are more smiles next week xx

  8. I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. I hope you're feeling better soon. xx

  9. Five beautiful things. I mean it's hard to go past those tiny buns and the tropical paradise but those vintage flower frames are giving them a bloody good run for their money. Hope you're doing ok. Kellie xx

  10. well done for seeing the joy in little things! bisous from across the seas...

  11. gorgeous photos Claire! You are a great photographer. I love these five smiles posts (they put a smile on my face!). Big hands + little bum = cutie alert! :)


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