Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Have you ever needed to drive a car that's a lot bigger than what you're familiar with and you end up pranging it because you're not used to having to allocate extra room to maneuver around things?

...well, I have found myself in a very similar predicament, in my house, sans car. I am literally knocking my hips into everything as I walk past, totally misjudging the space required to transport myself around our furniture. This is not a good sign, people!

I've never been a petite girl by any means, I'm tall and a fairly solid but feminine build. I've fluctuated with my weight for years, and the need to strip back a few kg's is something that I've been faced with more times than I care to remember. I've always been successful with losing weight. When I make that decision and commit, I can halve my size in a couple of months. Keeping it off? Totally rubbish. And so here I am again, heavier than I'd like to be and this time with a few extra post pregnancy lumps and bumps.

I've been having a hard time mustering the motivation to stop slobbing around the house and eating chocolate and various baked goods. I'm hoping that writing this and putting it out there will help trigger a much needed change. It's easy when you're tired to fall into bad habbits, but I look and feel my worst, and it's seriously impacting on my mood and my confidence.

The above photo was taken the day before our wedding. My friend Miriam and I (blonde) sorting out the seating plan, hence the confused, crinkled brow. I don't know if it's the same for you but no matter how slim I am, I always think I'm chubby at the time. Then when I really AM chubby, and look back on older photos, I can't believe how bloody skinny I was! Does that make sense? Probably not - obviously my health issues go beyond the physical.

If any of you lovely people have any tips on losing the dreaded baby weight, please feel free to spill the very healthy green beans.


  1. be gentle on yourself. having a baby for many of us changes our bodies forever. it took me two years to lose all the weight with each of my babes. while i was breastfeeding my body seemed to need the extra weight and it held onto it trust me. it was not until my babes were about a year that the pounds started to shed. mind you i was working out during that first year too. hard. let your body lead you, just be healthy...you still have a tiny baby.

  2. I know just how you are feeling.
    I look back at photos of myself and can't believe i ever though i was fat!
    In time we'll reach our goals.
    Be kind to yourself. x

  3. why the hell were you doing writing the seating plan for your wedding THE NIGHT before the event? Thats stresses me out just thinking about it.

    okay, your body. some one once told me its 9 months on, 9 months off- i think thats fair. But for me, the answer is a full new wardrobe of clothes THAT FIT you now, where you are at. At present im about 10 kilos heavier than i was before Olive and 15-17 more than pre Joseph... im actually okay with it. Im chunky, i have back fat and my boobs both sag and point outwards... its not glamourous but my kids love me. I grew them in my fat, saggy, stretched body. Im stoked about it.

    Ive seen your face, and your shoes.. and i think your orright!


    go shopping

  4. I cut out grains and sugar for health reasons (primal/paleo eating, Weston a price foundation, GAPS diet) and I felt better immediately with the side effect of having my weight stabilize quite quickly. It's easy for me to follow because it cured my migraines, psoriasis and constant fatigue.

    You don't have to count calories or eat low fat so it's great if you are breastfeeding or pregnant.

  5. I'm totally with Kristi and Beetle. In that sometimes when you're breastfeeding it's really hard to lose weight. And also the 9 months on, the 9 months off thing seems to make some sense. I've felt really the same as you. I was so tired I was eating so much cake and chocolate. It's like a vicious cycle. You might find that if you can just cut out the sweets you can lose lots of weight in only a few weeks? (I also read recently that losing weight is 80% diet and 20% weight - how's that for motivation!). I've been eating healthier lately and it's made me feel slimmer even though probably nothing's changed. Kellie xx ps sorry for what is possible an incoherent ramble ... been at work since 5.45 this morning.

  6. You should probably ignore what I say because I'm seriously fat. The thought of dieting has been on my mind for just about all of my life. Sadly the action only occasionally follows. However when I've been successful the tips are:-
    1. Do it with a friend.(We are all horribly competitive and can't stand someone doing it better than us).
    2. I found vowing to eat 3 fruit and 5 vege helped me because it said "do" rather than "don't". They fill me so much don't have room for the normal cake & cookies.
    3. Exercise does make you feel better whether you are overweight or not. Pledge some.
    4. Porridge. If you can hack it, it starts the day well as its so filling (low GI).I'm not hungry til lunch time.
    5. Strategise.Be prepared. Know your low (weak) times of day and have something healthy already cut up (celery sticks and hummus?).
    6. Don't hate yourself if you slip up. Go to the shops. Try on clothes to give yourself the shove to get back on track.

    Wish I could say look at me.... I think I will try my own advice! I'm desperate too. Let's do it for summer. All the very best!

  7. Oh Aunty Sandy, they are pearls! im going to try that 3 fruit and 5 veg- i like saying yes!

  8. Thanks peeps for reminding me that my body is performing quite an important job at the moment. Might lay off myself a bit. Seriously though, the chocolate has got to stop...

    ...very good tips, Sandy! Thank you very much! The 3 fruit and 5 veg is fantasic! Will start implementing that one today! ...and competitive? Who, me? Just because I go starting wars over veggie patches! ;) Now I've got even more motivation to get that garden yielding if I'm going to be eating 5 serves a day...

  9. Sometimes big life changes just need some help, maybe try accupuncture or bikram yoga, just a few thoughts. for me, breastfeeding has just sort of sucked the fat out of me, my boy loooves his milk... anyway, I also wanted to say, it always happens to me, the looking at old photos thing. same thing. good luck and also drink a lot of water! ( you´re gorgeous anyway)

  10. I feel like you just wrote about me. I COMPLETELY understand.
    Tips... i am a bit the same as you in that i have to be in the right headspace to pull it off. And if i am, there is no stopping me but if i relax at all during that time, guaranteed to spiral back outta control.
    Setting yourself small goals to acheive a bigger one is sometimes helpful. But yeah.. am feeling pretty much the same way.

    Em, I love you and your pointy saggy boobs haha x

  11. I would say it takes a good year, not 9 months, to return to where you were at. but you never go back to pre-baby. everything changes.

    i put on 24kg with che - yup - went from a size 6 to a size 12. people i knew didn't recognise me. it was really challenging. but, in retrospect, it was all about becoming a mother, learning to surrender, realising that it wasn't about my size 6, no fat body. it was about me and daniel and che and our family.

    I'm covered in stretchmarks, I probably won't ever wear a bikini again and I have love handles that won't budge. I've accepted that its me, I feel good...even now at 38 weeks pregnant.

    I would recommend a gentle walk once a day, fresh fruit and veg, and looking in the mirror every once in a while to remind yourself that your eulalie's muma now and forever. and that's the best thing in the world for you.

    Whenever you have posted pics of yourself here i've always thought you were stunning. x

  12. I'm just starting on this baby journey so this is such an interesting post to read. I'm intrigued to know what my body will do ove he next 6 months or so, and after.

    I think you're pretty darn gorgeous right now, and it's obvious what a beautiful job you're doing with your bub. xx

  13. hi claire.

    i would say a year too. my tummy is never-ever going to be the same again. i too look wistfully at old photos...just before my body started to change shape. and if i get a little down about my changed body... i try to remember that i provided a little home for my baby and then helped her grow in her first year. that's a lot for one body to do. and it's a lot to be proud of too! so i try not to be too hard on myself.

    i try to eat moderately and regularly, go on walks and do a bit yoga. nothing too strenuous. it's important now that anything i do is ultimately kind towards myself...cause being a mother can be tiring at times. and also that the end result is that i'm healthy and relaxed...not skinny.


    ps. you're beautiful!

  14. Yes, I relate! Especially to the chubby/slim seemingly can never win thing. That old mind, playing tricks.
    Firstly, I've had a quick peek around this lovely blog of yours and you are beautiful. Now.
    Secondly, I agree that the old bod changes after pregnancy and never goes back exactly the way it was. Stretch marks, saggy bits....they're the marks of a body's gestating job well done.
    But thirdly, as a mama who piled on 22 kgs the first time around and 30 kg the second (!?!) -- and lost the weight again each time -- I can give you a little reassurance it is possible. Different things work for different peeps but personally I find the CSIRO cookbook a useful guide for the most part. And no/minimal carbs after 4-6ish in the evening makes loads of difference for me.
    I'm pregnant with our sweet third and I'm VERY aware of the potential of ballooning out again...we'll see ;)

  15. hi claire, haven't read all the comments yet so it's probably been said but i tried to just not worry about it too much, especially 2nd time round as i knew it wasn't going to happen quickly. but slowly but surely my figure came back. it took 9 months to a year both times. there came a point when i just looked at myself in the mirror one day and thought, wow, not looking too bad! that weird lumpy sack shape had gone and my waste had come back. also helps walking up a big hill a few times a day, which i have to do to get home! have you seen those crazy mums in the park doing buggy exercise? looks fun - jogging through the park pushing the buggy, up and down the hill, having a chat and making friends at the same time. do they have that where you are? x

  16. Came over from Beetle Shack (adore her blog). I totally feel your pain, yes it makes sense. I finally lost my baby weight (my baby will be 3 in September). But, I too would look back at old pictures and want to punch myself for ever thinking badly about that old body. Here I am with my old body, except a little stretchier and lumpier than before and I have to remind myself to be good to it. I think most normal women are hard on themselves no matter where they at. Reminds me of good hair days in highschool. Just remember, someone else out there wishes she could be where you are at now!

  17. i hear you! i never think i'm healthy or thinner until i look back after putting on a few kilos and it becomes apparent. geez, we women are so hard on ourselves aren't we? you are in a different stage of your life and those extra kilos are indicative of these changes and growth. that makes them beautiful. do this only for you, as i can imagine your hubby loves you just the way you are. i am in constant battle with my weight. i now ride to work everyday so i can indulge in sweet treats and bags of maltesers after dinner. it's all about balance. you want to look back on your life when you're older and treasure those indulgent moments, not look back on all the calorie counting you did. enjoy that beautiful baby body! xx

  18. wow, i have been feeling the same. i too can go up down but when i am ready to go down i stick to it and within months i am feeling great, yet for along while now i have managed to loose weight, i think about it swear i am going to start but then i dont catch the train:)!

    i hoping it is not an age thing, and reading this has brings me some motivation!


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