Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Scenes from our bedroom this morning. A place where sleep is seldom had, and rest is rare.

My Nana gave me the little framed poem for my first birthday. It sits on my dresser and reminds me of what is important in life. This morning, in my emotional, bleary eyed state I wished for one more thing...

...sleep, to make all the rest worthwile.


  1. hi claire, i've been popping in for a while to look at your pretty photos. and i thought it was definitely time i said hi! i hope you and your little girl get some sleep soon. being sleep deprived and functional is hard hard work. i truly understand. i did not get a sleep longer than three hours at a time for the first year (but we all sleep like angels now!). nicole x

  2. I will send you "sleeping baby" vibe. Take care :)

  3. Oh lady I hope you get some sleep too. Nothing makes any sense when you're that tired. The lack of sleep is incomparable! Everything will look brighter when you do. Kellie xx
    ps From my experience, it's really common for babies around the 4,5, 6 month mark to go through an insane 1-2 hourly waking for a little while. Not sure if this is what you guys are going through but hang in there, it will pass. One day.

  4. I totally understand that feeling of it all being too much when your just so tired. I hope that everything sorts itself out quick smart.

  5. Oh remember that everything is a stage...and soon it will all change. Don't worry yourself over the thought of this lasting forever - it won't. For now, be kind to yourself - treat yourself to yummy food and online shopping jaunts. The things we do x

  6. it all looks very restful so i am sure the sleep will follow.

  7. I hear ya. I have a little one just a week or two older than yours and we don't get much sleep around here either...

  8. Thanks to everyone for the reassurance... I know it's all stages and you just have to ride the wave... but it's like you just get to know them... and then bam- at four months you have a totally different baby. back at square one. I wouldn't change it though, as much as I whinge... I'm happy to oblige for my sweet girl.

  9. i hear you claire. We are all a little bit sleep deprived over here too... lack of sleep sends you a tad loopy. Hope it improves for you x

  10. I hear ya.
    Bay's sleep has gone pear-shaped recently too. Just when she had started to become predictable it all changes.. but I think it is common around this age..

    Hope all went ok with Lalies jabs! Your comment made me smile because Bay had hers 2 weeks late too because I kept putting it off.

    Your photos are truly beautiful.

    I love that poem from your Nanna- how special that it was for your 1st birthday and you still have it.

    Wishing you an unexpected sleep in!

  11. Such a touching gift and poem! Wishing you and your darling little girl some much needed sleep. I guess this is what I have to look forward to but I really can't wait, no sleep and all ;) Thanks so much for your beautiful wishes, i'm definitely on cloud nine!
    Natasha xox

  12. These are really beautiful images.
    That sleep deprivation is a nightmare that will pass. The joys!!! And that's when we have another baby cause you forget about it...crazy but good!
    We are still having a few of those nights, ones i choose not to remember but also seem to get used to.
    You get through it knowing that one day you will sleep soundly allllll night! take care.x

  13. Hello, i just found your lovely blog! And so glad i did, your photographs are so beautiful. can't wait to read more! x


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