Friday, 3 June 2011

Gimme a home among the gum trees
with a coupla dogs please
a mate or two and some tiramisu
a baby on our lap
some bocce on the lawn
and that fresh Queensland air.


  1. Cute, cute post:) Looks like lots of fun. I love picnics in the backyard. xo

  2. this looks like so much fun! Sign me up!

  3. this looks like the perfect way to spend a sunny afternoon! Your photos are amazing as always:)

  4. Oh I love this post so much, beautiful! You are truly blessed :)

  5. i gasped when i spotted your lazy day blanket there on the grass. your poem sounds kinda perfect.

  6. sweet doggy! And a lovely afternoon, hard to imagine down here in freezing 11 degrees melbourne! Your house in the most recent post is sooo pretty.
    My old doggy is apparently half beagle but I don't really see it (my husband swears he's very beagle-ish), you can see here:



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