Wednesday, 1 June 2011

One of the parenting topics that gets the most airplay in my small circle of mama-friends is the 'dummy vs thumb' debate. I can honestly say that neither one is my concern.

Other discoveries this week include a major milestone - rolling over. Unfortunately, I have no evidence to display here because I'm far too occupied with trying to pry her limbs out from underneath her body to even think about finding the camera.


  1. ahahah our bubs must be the same age, Lady Olive has also just started rolling... interestingly, she has not yet started sucking her toes?


    that's one WAY cuter than average baby you have!

  2. She's so cute Claire. It's so exciting when they start discovering and achieving milestones, they are amazing how they learn. xo

  3. she is super cute!
    love the strategically placed crab toy ;)

  4. Oh my gosh, she is the absolute sweetest!! Haha toes in the mouth, too cute, and yay for rolling over, how exciting!
    Thank you for your kind words and i'm really glad to have found you as well :)

  5. adorable! as always.

  6. you have the most beautiful blog world here! i am definitely staying for a long visit ♥

  7. Too precious! She's a beautiful little one.

  8. Such sweet photos! Brings back the fondest memories of my little boy's pre-toddler days. He was also neither a dummy nor thumb baby. His toes were what he thought tasted best! :) xx


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