Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Kellie commented on this post that she hoped I'd made Paddy a fancy cake for his 30th... I could simply ignore the subject, even lie about it. This is just a blog... who's to know? But the truth is too amusing not to share - he made it himself. Classic Tiramisu... with help from Marcus. Apparently, beer and baking are a catalyst for male bonding.

...of course, the novelty wore off half way through and Miriam had to finish it off. I can't recall what I was doing... oh, that's right - taking pictures.


  1. blokes and beer and baking. perfect!

  2. OK, I'm sure it was super delicious, I'm a big fan of tiramisu. But it's kinda not really as fancy as the clown or telephone-with-face or whatever the 4th birthday cake was, right. AND, it was made by the poor birthday boy himself .... !!! Kellie xx

  3. I'm sure for them it was more about the beer and bonding than the actual baking. It looks delicious though - late pregnancy cravings are rife...especially sweet desserts x

  4. Beer and baking sounds like a pretty good combo to me!


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