Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Our dear, dear friends Marcus and Miriam came all the way up from Sydney for the weekend to celebrate Paddy's 30th birthday and to finally meet our little bug. We haven't seen them for almost a year, they went off to cycle accross Europe (as you do) a few months before our move back to Queensland. Since our return we have been fortunate to be spending a lot of time with our family, but seeing them again reminded us how important friends really are. Being in their company just felt right. We felt like us again.

Apart from a few minutes of intense staring at Marcus' beard, Eulalie was right at home with them, happy as Larry, as if she'd known them all along. And I might cross the line (as I do) and just say that they looked rather comfortable with a babe in arms themselves.


  1. oh these pics are precious. I agree, they look damn good with a babe in their arms x

  2. How lovely are those pictures. And I agree a baby suits them!! Isn't it funny how babies are so curious about beards. My brother has a short beard and my kids would stare at him for ages.

  3. It sounds like great old times for the four of you catching up again:) They do look right a home with your beautiful little baby. xo

  4. that is one impressive beard! that's what happens when you cycle round europe for a year. our best friends are about to move to new york. boooooooo to that! but glad you have yours back. x

    p.s. they look smitten. shhhh.

  5. this is such a gorgeous set of photos. thank you for your sweet comment on my little blog.

  6. They look like naturals. Good friends are the most awesome things. Such a lovely blog you have here xx


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