Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Thanks to everyone who left comments for my sick little Lalie Bug (and her bug). I took her to the Doctor today because although the temp subsided, she developed a rash... I have been assured that it's nothing to worry about - a common virus that will help to "educate" her immune system. Apparently this is a good thing.

...so while my little Lalie Bug catches up on sleep, I've been catching up on washing. Exciting stuff.


  1. I hope your little bub is feeling better, it can be scary when they get temperatures and then a rash, I'm glad it's nothing too serious. I know washing isn't fun but your washing looks so pretty and cute, I love those little wonder suits. Have a good day tomorrow. xo

  2. Poor both of you. I hope she gets well soon. xo

  3. Glad to hear little Lalie's ok. As for laundry, even though when it's done it's never really "done", I find something so satisfying in doing it - and hanging it all out neatly with the same coloured pegs is a big part of it. How daggy. Kellie xx

  4. a boost to the immune system...all good! I love your photos claire x


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