Saturday, 21 May 2011

Eulalie was gifted some Baby Burberry threads when she was born. They finally fit her but we have nowhere fancy to go. So I guess it's only fair to let her wear them around the house - the pants at least. We'll save the top for a special occasion... Daddy's 30th at the end of the month! For now, she's rocking them with a Purebaby smock and some very tasty bonds socks.


  1. She looks adorable! That purebaby smock is really pretty.

  2. baby burberry? oh goodness me, i'd like some mummy burberry please!

    your blog is so very beautiful! I love it when i find a new one to follow! I'm going to have a good look around... see what other designer stuff i can spot ;)

    xo em

  3. Oh the sweetness of these shots, not to mention the stylish threads! I love your little one's name x

  4. Too cute! If I had Burberry threads I'd wear them at home too. x

  5. oh look- we must have first met right here, over burberry. ;)


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