Thursday, 19 May 2011

Four months today! Our happy, drooly, chubby, warm, cuddly, funny little girl. Why do we love thee? Let me count the ways...

You have the smiliest eyes we ever did see... and the drooliest chin... you think your feet are deeelicious... and so do we... you start chatting away to Daddy the minute you see him... you love the puppa dogs and they love you... you saturate Mummy from head to toe at bath-time... you giggle when Mummy squeezes water on her face with the rubber duckie at bath-time... you cover your eyes with one hand and suck your two middle fingers on the other hand when you sleep... you talk away happily in your bassinet while you are doing a poo... I could go on and on... but most of all... we love you for making us a family... and for showing us a love we had never known... until there was you.


  1. Super dooper gorgeous!! What a lovely family you have.

  2. she certainly is a bonnie lass! and i love that little bit of dribble - perfect! this makes me want to wake my little one up and give him a big kiss!

  3. She really does have smiley eyes. What a cutie pie! So fun to see her changing. Kellie xx

  4. oh my god.. cutest portrait ever! love the blackboard behind. they are the smiliest of eyes! cute cute cute!


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