Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The Dog Stripped Bare.
Poor Dottie-Mae. She looks so vulnerable without her mane of scruffy, feral, matted fur. A few months of neglect (you can blame Eulalie for that) and it was no choice but to give her the No. 1 all over. I've never been a fan of this look (on humans or K9's) and if she wasn't our adorable Dottie-Mae, I'd have to say she looks rather unattractive. However, there is a noticeable improvement in her ball retrieving skills, possibly due to the fact that she can finally see. Still, she ain't pretty.

Don't worry Dottie, it's only hair. It'll grow back.

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  1. Every year, after winter, we bring our dog to the "dog hair stylist"!!! He always look so sad without his curly fur. And he always look like a female dog after (his name is Brian = male)!!! Dottie is super cute (with and without fur).


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