Monday, 16 May 2011


Over the weekend I downloaded my very first apps - Instagram and Hipstamatic. Now, I do realise that I am quite possibly the last person on earth to discover these very useful phone-tography tools... but aren't they just the best thing since sliced bread?! Ingenious - great for making incredibly crap photos seem less crappy. Very handy for when you need to capture a moment and don't have time to check lighting, frame it up, etc etc etc. You can snap away without much care or precision because you can always count on retro filters to make things look cool...

...however, there's always going to be one captured 'moment' that no amount of faded retro funkiness is going to fix.


  1. ah ah ah!!! love the last picture :)

    and I don't even have a cell phone so I didn't know about those apps. I have work cell phones (I'm an event planner) but generally when I use them it is because there is a problem with something (like how come the wine is not there yet!!!).

  2. AnonymousMay 17, 2011

    Just wanted to say hi to all three of you!!
    I miss you all, but this lovely blog helps me keeping track of you :o) Keep writing and keep me updatet of beautiful Eulalie you, and Paddy offcourse!!

    To day I'm going to celebrate the 17. of May, with my nordfjorbunad on, (search on google if you want to se how it looks). Drink champange for breakfast, enjoy the parade end life i general :-)

    Love all three of you, and take care!! love from Eirin xox

  3. How lucky is your hubbie that his mouth is shut with that last picture ...

  4. Gold! i had a good chuckle over that last shot.

  5. ahahahha BEST. MOMENT. EVER!!!


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