Thursday, 12 May 2011

This morning I swapped four walls, a messy kitchen, a glaring computer screen and an irritable (teething?) baby for endless blue sky, pretty weeds, gleaming water and a much happier (distracted) baby. And it felt good.

...but here I am, staring at the iMac again. How did that happen?


  1. wow - beautiful images! Well done for getting out the house and leaving it all behind. I don't know about you but the time I spend blogging or reading blogs is MY time. I'm not a mother or a wife I'm me... expressing myself or inspiring myself. xx

  2. I'm pretty glad that blogger reposted this amidst all their recent mess. Those images are so beautiful, they deserve to be seen many times over.

  3. lady bird - I totally agree...blogging is a great creative outlet! But sometimes I feel as though I'm spending a little too much time on the computer (at least you mix your activities up with really wholesome things like sewing!).

    agirl - thank you! I was a little peeved when I noticed this post was erased. We're all sweet again now, though :)

  4. gus used to be grumpy in the house and much happier out in the fresh air or at a baby drop-in. he was a different child. x

  5. ooh the imac glow, it's so bloody addictive! WE got rid of our tv about 5 years ago in the hope of more reading, conversation and board games... imac glow won.

    Stunning photography btw.

    xo em


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