Saturday, 7 May 2011

A huge happy birthday to my dearest of friends - Miriam!
Unfortunately, I couldn't be in Sydney for the occasion... but I did send a little 'winter survival kit'. Here's a little peek inside (there's a couple of things I added after I took the picture):

1. L'Occitane moisturising lotions and lip balm to keep winter skin soft and glowing
2. T2 teas - red chai to warm up and lemongrass and ginger to fight colds
3. Frankie mag - to read while drinking tea
4. Some vintage doilies (as seen in the magazine) for getting crafty
5. Vintage tan leather brogues for keeping toes toasty
6. Vintage tan leather satchel (because the style is so this winter) ...and it matches the brogues
7. winter herb seeds to grow and add to warm comforting meals (not pictured)
8. A framed picture of Eulalie (not pictured) "A little ray of sunshine to warm your heart all winter through"

Hope you had an amazing day, Mizza... sending love your way! x

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  1. What thoughtful and heartfelt presents, and gorgeous wrapping - I bet your friend was thrilled! :)


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